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Claudio strategy

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Key moves

Move Poke Counter Mixup Keepout Approach Oki
Jab is good okay.
Tracks left

Tracks both
  • d+4
Tracks right

Claudio has a few key moves that work well together, allowing great mix ups and tech traps

Claudio's best move is wr2, also known as "The Superman Punch". It's one of the best approach tools in the game. It has great damage, and is used as a common combo finisher, using either the standard version or the Instant version. Apart from dealing great damage it also grants Claudio his Starburst. (We'll go over Starburst tools later on.) Be wary though, it is a high so it can easily be ducked and launched if you get too predictable with this move. Be ready to mix this up with mid moves such as f,F+4 or f,F+1+2. f+4 allows for oki such as SS.4 or db+3. And f,F+1+2 grants starburst, but due to the starburst animation does not allow oki.

Claudio's best launchers are his infamous "DAH" (uf+4, hopkick) and df+1,2. The hopkick cannot be launch punished and has excellent range for tech traps. Some great tech traps are wr2 on block, f+3, b+1 and STB.d+1,2. These are excellent on block, granting plus frames to Claudio. Button heavy opponents will fall right into a hopkick. df+1,2 doesn't allow Claudio to have a generic df+1. It's 15 frames and a natural combo on hit, but is launch punishable. These are both mids, being able to launch ducking opponents.