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Dragunov neutral

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Neutral is when both players can act freely. It makes up most of the game, so learning how to play it is critical. There's no point mastering all the combos and setups if you can't use them in an actual game.

This page contains a brief overview of this character's key neutral tools followed by advice for putting them together.

Key Moves

Massively plus on block, knockdown on hit, CH launch. Doing this up close quickly with instant while running is a critical part of Dragonuv's pressure.
Fast, high-crushing low that deals good damage and gives a free mixup on counter hit. Neutral on hit, but Dragonuv recovers crouching. Tracks both directions extremely well.
Standard mid check with a high extension. Tracks left slightly. Poor vertical hitbox.
Faster than usual mid check (i12) with big range and pushback. Mostly a keepout tool since the pushback on hit makes it hard to pressure much. Tracks right, but rather poorly.