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Lidia setups

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d/b+3,2 oki

After d/b+3,2 the opponent is grounded but +10, so their wake-up kicks are usually faster. The distance and angle are always the same, regardless of what distance the d/b+3 hits at or whether there's a wall. Because of the angle, the opponent can't do a spring kick, and toe kick whiffs.

The main options are:

  • Another d/b+3,2 – beats wake-up into standing guard; loses to wake-up kicks
  • d/b+3+4 – beats low wake-up kick, side rolls, and staying down; loses to mid and delayed low wake-up kick
  • u/f+4 – beats low wake-up kicks and wake-up into crouching guard; loses to mid wake-up kick
  • Guard – mixup to beat mid or low wake-up kick

Both wake-up kicks can be beaten with d/b+1, and d+4 will trade, but this is only really worth it if they'll kill.

Against characters with shorter legs, a backdash can make the mid wake-up kick whiff for a bigger punish. A backdash into crouch can option select both wake-up kicks, but this is not very practical.[1]

Front roll

The opponent can avoid all main attacking options with a front roll. This loses hard on a read to f+4,3,1, which hits them back turned for a guaranteed f,F+3. The first hit whiffs, but it can hit if a dash is done first, i.e. with f,f,f+4,3,1.


If the opponent does B getup, then a second d/b+3—

  • will not clean hit against Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Claudio, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Fahkumram, Feng, Ganryu, Geese, Gigas, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jack-7, Jin, Katarina, Kazuya, King, Lars, Law, Leo, Lidia, Lili, Marduk, Master Raven, Miguel, Negan, Nina, Noctis, Paul, Shaheen, and Steve;
  • will clean hit against Akuma, Alisa, Anna, Asuka, Eliza, Josie, Julia, Kazumi, Kuma, Kunimistsu, Lee, Lei, Leroy, Lucky Chloe, Panda, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Zafina;
  • i.e. it works against Akuma, Kuma, Lee, Lei, Leroy, Yoshimitsu, and females excluding Katarina, Leo, Lidia, Lili, Master Raven, and Nina.

Against opponents where it doesn't loop, the tiniest dash forward is enough.

A potential option select incorporating this is a dash into d/b to block the low wake-up kick, into d/b+3. The d/b can be held for up to 5 frames before entering crouch, after which d/b+3 can't be done.

TAW.4 oki

After TAW.4, Lidia is +9 and the opponent is FDFA.

With perfect input, f,F+3 is guaranteed.[2] However, if the input is slow by even a single frame, they can guard with b getup, so unless you're an execution god this option is a bit suspicious on its own.

No wall

To beat B getup, there are a number of options:

  • f,F+4 is the most solid choice, doing 16 damage with the shortest recovery, making it safe and getting some oki.
  • d/b+1+2 and f,F+1+2 are higher risk options, doing 20 and 27 damage respectively, but can be whiff punished by a while standing kick if they stay down.
  • d/f+2 or f,F+2 work but all stance moves except TAW.1 whiff if they keep holding B, and they can interrupt with wake-up kicks, so only good if you expect them to mash tech roll.

To beat other options, there are two broad categories to consider:

  • Attacks, such as wake-up and while standing kicks from quickstand, and unique moves such as Marduk's FDFA.d+2.
  • Passive options, such as side roll, front roll, and staying down.

Side roll is beaten handily by b+3+4~n,f as it's too slow to block TAW.2, which can be done on reaction. Other passive options at best give up a free TAW mixup. The main value of this option is it also gets a TAW mixup against B. In this situation, TAW.1, TAW.2, and TAW.4 can't be stepped by most characters; TAW.2 trades with i11 and loses to i10 attacks, most of which TAW.1 evades. The big risk of this option is it loses to any wake-up attack. On a positive note, only delayed wake-up kicks get a counter hit.

Attacks of all variety can be safely beaten by u/f+3, which also covers everything except side roll right and getting up. These attacks can be beaten with higher payoff by f,F+3, but this is risky. Another way to cover these options is d+1, which beats quickstand and side rolls, but loses to staying down.

Wall involved

If near the wall, d/f+2 and f,F+2 become more enticing since the stance moves won't whiff. If near but not quite at the wall, d/f+2 into TAW.1 can push them closer.

Extra options to consider at the wall are:

  • OG.d+2 – beats everything except b getup
  • d+1 – beats everything except staying down

OG.d+2 oki

After OG.d+2 hits, they can't tech roll and it's +0. This is most common at the wall vs a face down opponent.


  • There's no way to get more than a free mixup against someone holding B.
  • Most moves whiff to a side roll right.
  • d+1 seems dominant, beating side rolls and getting plus frames if they block it. But it whiffs hard enough that it loses to staying down into a while standing kick.
  • A robust strategy is using d/b+2 to force them to stand up and otherwise doing an ordinary mid/low mixup.
  • At the wall, a riskier strategy is using b+3+4~n,f or f+3+4~n,f to goad attacks, and using d/f+4,3_2 or d/f+3,4 to splat these.


  1. There is 12 frames to act. Against Eliza, 11 frames of backdash are needed to make the mid whiff, so both the backdash and crouch must be timed with frame perfect accuracy.
  2. If you're practicing this in training mode with «CPU Opponent Action» set to «Guard All», the bot will get launched by an f,F+3 with exactly one frame of delay, but it'll block it if it's set to «Backdash», as will any real opponent holding B.