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WORK IN PROGRESS, PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF NEEDED. "~" indicates I am planning to add more detail.

If you're experiencing FPS drops, stuttering, input delay, or crashes, this might help. The causes for issues are highly variable between different PCs, so your mileage may vary.

Disclaimer: These are just suggestions, attempt at your own peril. I hope it goes without saying that we can't be held liable for any issues that may occur. Please seek further assistance if you're unsure of anything, and be sure to create regular restore points throughout this process.

With that out of the way, we may begin.

                                                        BASIC FIXES

- Don't alt-tab in loading screens

You can minimise the risk of alt-tabbing by waiting until the "crash" sound when a match is loading

(ie., when the character pictures appear)

- Change ingame graphics options

Use Fullscreen mode (not borderless!), turn V-Sync off, scaling set to 100

Enable FPS counter. At default, this should be at a constant 59 or 60 FPS in matches (yes, 59 is fine)

Lowering the quality may help, but you may find that higher quality can be retained by following other steps below

- Disable fullscreen optimization


- Change NVidia control panel settings

FPS lock, etc~

- Close any software that may conflict with controller input

Programs for mouse, keyboard, or gamepad may be at fault. Eg. DS4 Windows, Logitech GHUB, Autohotkey.

- Disable Steam Controller input (may stop controller from working in game, return to default settings if so)

From Steam, right click "Tekken 7", click properties > controller > Disable Steam Input

From Steam, open "Big Picture Mode" on the top right, click the settings cog > Controller Settings, then untick all boxes (unsure if necessary)

If this causes your device to stop functioning, you can try playing around with these settings to see what works.

- Disable hardware acceleration on open programs such as Spotify, Discord, and Chrome Search Google for steps on how to do so.

- Disable your internet browser from running in background when closed

Search Google for steps on how to do so.

- Remove HDMI cables connected to secondary monitors, even if switched off

I don't know why, but I believe this works.

- Disconnect unnecessary peripherals, namely Bluetooth

If using wireless Bluetooth mouse, remove the USB dongle and use the cord instead.

FPS drops tend to occur from the mouse entering standby mode, which can be avoided in wired mode.

- Avoid complicated costumes

If on a budget PC, try using barebones costumes. The extra textures / physics from some costumes may cause issues.

- Disable unnecessary overlays

Discord, Nvidia, OBS, Gamebar, even Steam.

- Enable Game Mode

Windows start menu, search "game mode" and enable

- Disable XBox Game Bar

Windows start menu, search "game bar shortcuts" and disable

It's probably worth uninstalling this altogether if you don't need it

- Adjust keyboard settings

Windows start menu, search "keyboard", push the first two sliders fully to the right, then click "OK"

(Not tested. May not do anything at all, and may not be optimal, just a suggestion especially for keyboard users)

- Adjust monitor settings

Depending on your monitor, you may want to adjust the settings on the hardware itself, using the physical buttons.

You may want to enable freesync / G-Sync if available. Do a search for your model if you're unsure.

(Unsure if this is good or bad for input delay, please advise!)~

Other settings like "Overdrive" should be disabled. It's also worth adjusting other visual settings while you're here.


This is just a basic Windows method, other backup programs/methods may be superior. **

1. From the desktop, click the Windows start menu and search for "create a restore point", then open it

2. Click "Configure", then select "Turn on system protection"

3. Use the slider to change max usage, at least 1GB is recommended

4. Click "OK", then "Create"

5. Name it something like "pre wavu fix" so it's easy to identify

6. Repeat above for all other drives if necessary

This process should be repeated after each step in the MAJOR CHANGES section. If any step in this guide causes unwanted system changes: try click "System Restore" from the same window used above, and follow the prompts.

                                                        MAJOR FIXES

- Check display settings

Right click Windows desktop, click Display Settings. Ensure highest functional resolution and refresh rate are enabled.

- Update Windows, then pause all updates. Repeat frequently.

- Update all drivers, including BIOS, ethernet, display, Bluetooth, motherboard, and GPU (more on this in final section)~

- See if third party software has any recommendations **

Try running UserBenchmark and see if it points out where your PC is at fault. It's quite possible that you're missing something easy but major, such as XMP profiling in BIOS settings (whatever that means)

- Disable Device Association Root Enumerator

Windows start menu, search "Device Manager", then open it, click View > Devices by connection, right click Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator and click "Disable device"

Unsure what this does, but I've seen it mentioned on several threads

- Change Power Settings

high performance~

- Start fresh, format everything

You're probably overdue for a good cleanup anyways (guide coming)~

- Add Tekken 7 folder to antivirus exclusion list, or disable antivirus altogether**

Not recommended, last resort only.