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The Rage System is a comeback system introduced in Tekken 6. In Tekken 7 Season 4 Rage activates when player's health reaches 41 points or lower, it makes the health bar and the character glow red, allows player to perform Rage Arts and Rage Drives, it also increases damage on every move by 10%, rounded down.

Despite the common myth, only the damage of Rage Arts depends on the health left, the damage of everything else keeps the same.

Rage Art

Rage Art (often abbreviated RA) is a cinematic move, only accessible during Rage, when used, Rage is removed. It has special Rage Art powercrush, meaning it powers through all moves including lows, it triggers a short cinematic when activated making it very reactable, and generally is very punishable on block. On successful hit it triggers a long cinematic, generally not asking for additional input from the player, and generally deals base of 55 damage, after which it generally doesn't allow for any follow ups.

Table of Rage Arts

Character Input Level Start up On Block Base 55 damage Can do from stance Notes
Akuma 1,1,f+3,2 Mid 10 (14) UB[1] Yes No
Alisa b+1+2 High 13 +5 Yes DES Can't use RA button from stance
Anna b+1+2 High 13 -9 Yes No
Armor King b+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Asuka d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Bob d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Bryan d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes Taunt Can use RA button to cancel too
Claudio d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Devil Jin b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Dragunov d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Eddy b+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Eliza b+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Fahkumram d/f+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Feng d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Ganryu d/b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Geese d/b+1+2 High 20 UB Yes No
Geese HCB, f+3+4 Mid 20 -22 No No 1,2,4,1,4,1,3,2,1+2 to increase damage
Gigas 1+2 Mid 20 -42 Yes No
Heihachi d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Hwoarang RFS or LFS d+3+4 Mid 20 -7 Yes Flamingo only Can use RA button from stance, and out
Jack b+1+2 Mid 20 -32 Yes No
Jin b+1+2 High 13 -9 Yes No
Josie d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Julia d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Katarina 3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Kazumi d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Kazuya d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
King d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No Has an alternative version with costume
Kuma b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Kunimitsu 1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Lars 1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Law 1+2 Mid 20 -26 Yes No
Lee d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes HTM Can use RA button from stance
Lei d/f+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Leo d/f+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Leroy d/f+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes HMT Can't use RA button from stance
Lili 3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Lucky Chloe 3+4 Low 20 -27 Yes No
Master Raven d/b+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Marduk b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes Ready Position Can use RA button from stance
Miguel b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes SVG Can't use RA button from stance
Nina d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Negan d+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes INT Can't use RA button from stance
Noctis d+1+2 Mid 20 -32 Yes No
Paul 1+2 Mid 20 -22 No No Can cancel and follow up by holding b
Shaheen 1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Steve 1+2 High 13 -3 Yes No
Xiaoyu b+1+2 Mid 20 -26 Yes AOP Can't use RA button from stance
Yoshimitsu b+1+2 Mid 20 -22 Yes No
Yoshimitsu u/b+1+4 Parry All 0? None No No Has 75% damage reduction
Zafina d/f+3+4 Mid 20 -22 Yes SCR Can't use RA button from stance

Rage Drive

Rage Drive (often abbreviated as RD) are the blue shine moves only available in Rage, when used, Rage is removed. Generally speaking, Rage Drives are a better version of an existing move, with much better frame advantage on block compared to the counterparts (often exceeding +10g), they generally are big launchers, give big damage, and are very fast.

Often Rage Drives put opponent seemingly into the screw state, yet it's always not a true Screw, it's just an on hit animation, it doesn't spend the one screw available to the player, and does the animation even if there was already a screw in the combo. Such screw is often called blue screw.

Some Rage Drives in combos put opponent into the hard knockdown, allowing for a guaranteed 80% scale hit, although it is mostly a part of on hit animation, but timing specific attacks to hit at the end of the animated knockdown can allow for relaunching for additional damage in very specific situations

Table of Rage Drives

Character Input Level Startup Launch Splat On Block Notes
Akuma None
Alisa f+2+3, ([f+]3+4) mid 16 Yes Yes +1 Blue Screw, can transition to Boots
Anna qcf+2+3 mid,mid 15 (17) Yes No +5c
Asuka f,f+1+2 mid,mid 21 (24) Yes No +10g
Armor King f,n,d,d/f+1+2* high UB 20 (23) No No +24g Next throw is unbreakable
Bob f+2+3(f) mid,mid 26 js15,14 No No +2c (+12gc) Can transition to Roll
Bryan b+1+2 mid 18 Yes No +6c
Claudio b+4,2f mid,mid 17 Yes Yes +7 Gives Starburst
Devil Jin f,n,f,d/f+4,3+4 low,mid,mid 16 (20) Yes No -14 Second hit low crushes
Dragunov f,f,f+1+2,(d/b+1+2) mid, (mid UB) 15 (20) Yes No +5c Can end in unbreakable tackle
Eddy f,f+3+4 mid 15 (18) Yes Yes +12g Regular screw, ends in RLX
Eliza None
Fahkumram u/f+3+4 mid 15 js12? No No +1
Fahkumram 3,4_4,3~3+4 low 24 Screw Yes -12
Feng b+1+2* mid 13 No Yes +3 +9 at wall
Ganryu d/f+1+4 low,mid 23 No No -6 Allows for a guaranteed follow up
Geese None
Gigas f+3+4* low UB 29 No No +25g Enters Goliath, infinite range UB
Heihachi b+2,1+2 mid,mid 22 Yes No +9c cancellable from 1
Hwoarang d+3+4,(4) low,mid,mid 12 +0 (Yes) No -4 (+4) Last hit blockable on hit
Hwoarang u/f+3,4,3+4 mid,mid… 29 js Yes Yes +4 Blue screw, available from LFS
Jack b,d/b,d,d/f+1,2 low,mid 24 (27) No Yes -9
Jin f,n,d,d/f+1+2,3,1 high,mid 11 (14) Yes,No,No Yes -7, +8, +9
Josie f,n,d,d/f+3+4 mid 14 (17) js12 No No +5
Julia f+2+3 mid,mid 15 No Yes +2
Katarina HAR 1+2 mid 15 No No +5c
Kazumi f,f+1+2 mid 13 (16) Yes No -12
Kazuya u/b+1+2 mid 20 No No -6 State transition
Kazuya f,n,d/f+1+4 mid 18 (20) cs1 No Yes +5 hold u/f for transition
King d/b+1+2 mid 20 Yes No +9c
Kunimitsu f+2+3 mid 16 No Yes +6
Lars SEN 1+2 mid 12 No Yes +9 Ends in DEN
Lars DEN 3+4 low,mid 21 Yes No -13
Law d/b+4,3+4 low,high 26 cs6,js19 No kinda -9 duckable
Lee d/f+3+4 (f,n) mid 16 No Yes -1 (-2) Blue screw
Lei SNA 1+4 mid 15 No Yes +9 High evasion, backsway
Lei DGN 1+4 mid 15 No Yes +11g
Lei PAN 1+4 low, high 12 Yes Yes -14 Blue screw
Lei TGR 1+4 mid 14 Yes No +15gc
Lei CRA 1+4 mid 17 js10 Yes No +0 Stays in Crane
Leo f,f+2* mid 13 (16) No Yes +6 Can't ki charge on success
Leroy f+1+2 mid 15 No Yes +2 +9 at wall
Leroy d/f+2+3 mid,mid… 22 Yes No -7 Not a rage drive, once per match
Lidia f,F+2+3 mid 13 (16) Yes Yes +15g Regular screw
Lidia TAW.4,2 low,mid 20 No, Yes No -12c
Lili d/f+2+3 mid,high 22 js9 Yes Yes +9 Blue screw, duckable
Lucky Chloe d/f+3+4,(1+2) mid,mid 17 Well, no No +4c Accessible from full crouch
Raven f+3+4 mid,(none) 17 js7 2 during hit No +3 2 or d+2 during hit for extensions
Marduk f+2+3 mid 21 No No (-10), +6~+16 Attack throw, ends in grounded
Miguel d/b+1+2 mid,mid 17 Yes No +3 Blue screw
Negan b+2+3 (b, n, or f) mid,mid 22 Yes No -8, +8, or +6 b ends in BT, f is a wall bounce
Nina f+1+4 (d/f) mid 20 js5 Yes No +9 (+20g) +15g at wall
Noctis f+2+3 mid 15 No Yes +2 Ends in Roll
Bears f,f+1+2 mid 18 (21) Yes No +1
Paul qcf+1+2 mid 12 (15) No Yes +3 +9 at wall
Shaheen d/b+1,4(d/f) mid,high 14 Yes Yes +6 (+18g) Second hit duckable
Steve d/f+3+4,1+2 mid,mid… 14 (??) cs0? No Yes +1 Can delay the hit
Steve d/f+2+3 mid,mid 14 Yes Yes +7
Xiaoyu BT d+3,3+4 low 16 js? Yes Yes -4 Blue screw, finishes in AOP
Yoshimitsu f,n,d,d/f+1+2 mid 14 (17) cs? Yes Yes +2 Blue Screw
Zafina f+2+3 mid,mid 14 Yes No +19g

Rage Punisher

Rage Punisher is a move or string that, without launching the opponent, will deal enough damage to win the match if the opponent has reached Rage. Generally, it is a 14f punisher that deals >=41 damage. It's useful to know character's Rage punishers to be more consistent in closing out rounds when your opponent is in Rage. For example, if the opponent does a -16 move, you don't want to risk doing your i15 d/f+2, because you might not be on point with your combo follow-up. Additionally, the surroundings may make it so you can't get 41 damage out of the launcher due to potential side-wall situations. You don't want to almost kill your opponent because if they launch you back, they will have a huge damage increase on their Rage Art which when used will certainly kill you. For this same reason, you would not go for a jab punish if you could win right there. A 14f 41 damage move will allow for a safe, secured win. Not all characters have one of those, some may have more than one to choose from

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  1. UB means unblockable