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Running is a set of player states that give access to sets of different moves depending on a character being played, buttons pressed and distance ran.

There are quite a few running states that give access to different moves:

  • Instant While running: input f,n,f,n,f,f:button. f:button has to be inputted one frame after the third f. See details on how to perform in the main article about Instant While running. This allows a player to perform normal while running moves instantly without having to see your character run and at any range, even at point blank range.
  • Normal While Running: input f,n,F and see your character start running and make less than 3 steps with each leg(6 steps total).
  • Run for 3 or more than 3 steps to access other set of WR attacks. If The player is far enough away from their opponent they can access different WR attacks depending on the distance, input and the state their opponent is in.

Some WR moves that can be accessed after running 3 or more steps:

  • Running Tackle - Run at opponent with f,F, before max distance.
  • Running Shoulder - Run at opponent from max distance.
  • Running Trample/Stomp - Run at opponent from reasonable distance while they are downed.
  • Running Slide - Run at opponent from max distance, press 4, some characters have non-generic running slides.
  • Running Dive - Run at opponent from max distance, press 1+2.

Instant While Running

iWR is an input method for performing WR moves without needing to cover distance. This method allows the player to use WR moves at point blank range. This technique is central to some characters' gameplan such as Dragunov and Claudio.

There's a dedicated page on how to perform iWR moves.