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A stage is the location of a fight and can differ in the size and shape of the wall and whether there are any stage breaks.

In tournaments, the typical rules are that the first match is on a random stage, and every match after that the loser chooses; the loser may instead opt to change character, which leads to another random stage being chosen.

Some types of stages that players choose from are:

  • Infinite stages (stages without walls), which create a slower paced and more controlled game, and can benefit characters that are more defensive or that have weaker wall pressure.
  • Octagon stages, which can enable more resplats and tech traps.
  • Large stages, which can benefit characters with stronger wall carry.
  • Small stages, which can benefit characters with stronger wall pressure or weaker wall carry.
  • Stages with misaligned starting positions, such as Souq, which can enable some tech traps.
  • Stages with dodgy walls, which can enable some tech traps.

Some uniquely notable stages that are often picked are:

  • Forgotten Realms, which has multiple stage-wide floor breaks.
  • Howard Estate, which has multiple, consecutive, breakable walls.
  • Jungle Outpost, which is the smallest stage with a balcony break.

List of stages

Stage Dimensions[1] Breaks Shape Notes
Mishima Dojo 20x24 Square w/ 2 rounded corners
Forgotten Realm 24x18 X 3 floors Rectangle
Jungle Outpost[2] 23x13 balcony, wall Rectangle w/ rounded corners
Arctic Snowfall
Twilight Conflict[2] 22x19 balcony Rectangle w/ square corners
Dragon's Nest 24x24 Octagon
Souq 26.5x17.5 X Rectangle w/ 4 different corner depths & angles
Devil's Pit 24x24 Octagon
Mishima Building 22x22 Octagon
Abandoned Temple 27x27 Octagon
Duomo Di Sirio 23x20 balcony Rectangle w/ rounded corners
Arena 24x24 Octagon
G Corp. Helipad[2] ~17x16 2 walls Semicircle w/ hard-angled corners
Brimstone and Fire 24.2x24.2 Octagon
Precipice of Fate 24.2x24.2 Octagon
Violet Systems 26x22.5 Rectangle w/ rounded corners
Kinder Gym 24x24 Square w/ rounded corners
Geometric Plane 24x24 Square w/ rounded corners
Infinite Azure[2]
Howard Estate[3] 22x15 3 walls, balcony Rectangle w/ rounded corners
Hammerhead[3] 28x16 X Rectangle w/ hard corners
Last Day on Earth[3] 28x16 Rectangle w/ hard corners
Cave of Enlightenment[3] 18x24 balcony, floor Rectangle w/ hard corners
Vermilion Gates[3] 24x16 balcony Rectangle w/ hard corners
  1. 'X' indicates players start along diagonal axis. Dimensions are based on dimensions before gimmicks are activated.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Has two versions.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 Paid DLC