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Template:Infobox tricky moves

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This template is used to indicate the moves that work against various tricky to punish moves. It should be used on each character's punishers page.


The parameter names are shown if they aren't filled in, i.e. there are no defaults. This is to distinguish an unfilled parameter from e.g. ''(None)'', i.e. “This character can't punish this move.”


Punishers for tricky moves
Various Slide {{{slide}}}
Generic FUFT.4 {{{generic-a}}}
  • b+4,4
  • b+4,4,3+4~1
d/b+4 {{{king-a}}}
Asuka b+3 {{{asuka-a}}}
Claudio f+2,2 {{{claudio-a}}}
Devil Jin
  • u+4
  • u+4,U~n_1_2_3
Eddy 3~4 {{{eddy-a}}}
b+3,3 {{{eddy-b}}}
Heihachi f,F+2 {{{heihachi-a}}}
Jack-7 R.b+1+2 {{{jack-7-a}}}
d+1+2 {{{jack-7-b}}}
Leroy d/b+1+2 {{{leroy-a}}}
Lucky Chloe
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4,3+4
  • d+4,2:1+2
  • qcf+2
Xiaoyu BT.3 {{{xiaoyu-a}}}
BT.f+3+4,3+4 {{{xiaoyu-b}}}
AOP.4~3 {{{xiaoyu-c}}}