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Yoshimitsu strategy

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Key moves

Move Poke Counter Mixup Keepout Approach Oki
Jab is good okay.
Tracks left

Tracks both
  • d+4
Tracks right

Wall Okizeme

Main Situation

Yoshimitsu's wall mixup is deep. Of course, you could just settle for just the 1st layer of CD+1 or Sword Sweep

We will abbreviate Gehosen (f,n,d,df+1) as CD+1.

The wall combo 2,2 CD+1 gives yoshimitsu massive frame advantage. If the opponent tech rolls, then Yoshimitsu's sword sweep, FC DF+1, is guaranteed. This should be input by holding down-forward to track the tech roll, not as FC b+1.

If the opponent is hit by sword sweep and tech rolls away from the wall, then Yoshimitsu is able to juggle to an adjacent wall to loop the situation. If the opponent tech rolls into the wall, Yoshimitsu can use f+3 as a wall combo for additional setups in the Wall Resplats section. If the opponent is low on health, then using d+2,2,1 as a wall combo for damage is advised.

On the other hand, if the opponent does not tech roll, then regardless of what they do on the ground, CD+1 or d+3 are both guaranteed. CD+1 will reset the situation to after the original wall combo.

Wall Resplats

The interesting situation is after the resplat from d+3 or f+3. If the opponent tech rolls, Yoshimitsu can still sword sweep. However, if they tech roll to the right, the sweep must be delayed or it will whiff. If the opponent does not tech, then DB+3,3,3,3,3 (Beyblade) is guaranteed. The opponent can beat both options by delay tech rolling to the right. That is, beginning their tech roll at the last possible moment during the ground recovery window.

Let's explore the situation in which the opponent delay tech rolls. While his main options will whiff, Yoshimitsu can use ub+1+2,n,1~b (Sword Windmill) to catch all forms of tech roll. If the opponent delay tech rolls to the right, then the Sword Windmill will hit them twice and be splatted again, leading back to the d+3 situation. Otherwise, the okizeme situation ends.

Beyblade Reset

If the opponent is resplatted and does not tech roll, then Beyblade is guaranteed. Afterwards if they tech roll, Sword Windmill will again hit both directions, ending the okizeme. If they do not tech, then WS4 (note: not the mid extension to the DB+3,3 string), will continue into a CD+1 or Windmill Cancel 50/50.

If they do tech, then Sword Windmill hits both directions. With other wakeup options CD+1 is guaranteed, leading all the way back to the original situation. If the opponent never tech rolls, then W! 2,2 (CD+1 d+3 DB+3,3,3,3,3 WS4 CD+1, ...) will endlessly reset until the opponent is too off-axis to resplat.

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