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Back turned (BT) is a generic stance entered when your back is towards the opponent. During BT it isn't possible to guard or do any normal moves. Sidestepping is less evasive and turns around. Jumping has normal behavior but it isn't possible to hop.


You can crouch during BT by holding D to crush highs. However, doing so will never enter any crouching stances, so the moves you can do are the same regardless of how long you've been crouching for.

Generic BT moves

  • BT.1_2 - 8f high, -8 / +3 / +3 15dmg
  • BT.3_4 - 10f high, -8 / KND W! / KND W! 18dmg
  • BT.d+1_2 - 10f special mid -2 / +9 / +9 10dmg
  • BT.d+3_4 - 10f low, -11 / +3 / +3 12dmg
  • BT.uf+4 - 15f mid, -11? / Launch / Launch

Turning around

  • All attacks and throws turn around immediately. Throws are safer since they aren't likely to eat a counter hit.
  • 6[untested] frames to turn and block by holding forward - this lasts for 18[untested] frames until you have to again hold back to continue blocking.
  • 7[untested] frames to turn and block with holding back
  • 9[untested] frames to turn and block with db,B - this enters crouch state on frame 1 and thus high crushes.


Moves that force BT on the opponent:

  • Lucky Chloe d/f+1+2 throw
  • Xiayou CH f,F+3
  • Generic jump over tech trap

Moves that recover BT:

  • Law b+4~b, b+3~b, 2,b2~b
  • Lili ff4~b, b+2,1~b, d/f+2~b

Characters that can manually enter BT:

  • Feng (b+3~4)
  • Hwoarang (1+2, has both generic BT and Right Foot Forward BT ((RFF BT))
  • Kunimitsu (b+3+4)
  • Lei (b+3+4)
  • Lili (b+3+4)
  • Lucky Chloe (b+3+4)
  • Master Raven (b+3+4)
  • Xiaoyu (b+3+4, called Rain Dance Stance (RDS))
  • Yoshimitsu (3+4, called Meditation (MED))