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Claudio tech

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Tech broadly covers anything that doesn't fit elsewhere, such as:

  • Notable tricks or niche uses for a string/move
  • Execution tips for a particular technique

If a section gets too long, it might be sensible to move it to its own page.


Moves that grant starburst on hit:

  • 1+2:1+2:f+2
  • f+2,2
  • b+4,2
  • b+2
  • f,F+1+2
  • f,F+2,2
  • f,f,F+2
  • ws2

Claudio's Rage Drive (R.b+4,2,F) always grants starburst.

Moves that use starburst:

  • STB.b+4,3,2 (the last hit launches, safe on block, more damage)
  • STB.d+2,2 (low launcher)
  • STB.d+1,2 (natural combo, more damage, +8 on block)
  • STB.ws1,2 (more damage, +8 on block)
  • STB.f+1+2,1+2 (natural combo, launch, safe on block)
  • STB.d/b+1+2 (unblockable 2nd hit)