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Wavu Wiki is an unofficial wiki covering game mechanics and strategy for Tekken 7.


As of January 2021, learning Tekken is far harder than it should be. Countless guides, studies, and documentation are done by passionate members of the community to deliver some fantastic learning resources, but these resources are spread thin across various Discord servers, YouTube videos, Google Drive documents and spreadsheets, websites, and social media posts. They're not just hard to find for new players—even for experienced players, finding what you need is a crapshoot.

Wavu Wiki aims to solve this problem by giving the community a central, well-organized location for these resources.


A wiki is more than just text.

Wavu Wiki is a wiki powered by MediaWiki. It's the software powering Wikipedia, so it's battle tested on a problem much greater than this.

The full power of the web—including embedded video and audio elements, and complicated layouts with CSS—is available to everyone. Even custom interactive layouts are possible, but they require coordination with admins to edit MediaWiki:Common.js.

Ad free

Unlike wikis hosted on sites like Gamepedia or Fandom, Wavu Wiki will always be ad free and paid for by the community.