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Bryan vs Feng

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As Bryan

As Feng

Bryan's DF2 and D2 CH confirms can present a problem for Feng's poke evasion. However, these are bad on whiff and can often be back kenpo'd in poke situations and KEN2'd on reaction. His 1+2 homing move also has poor range and can often be Kenpo'd. Feng can also input iWS1 in such a way as to evade & punish Bryan's 1, 12, and magic 4, and track SWL, but not get CH by Bryan's DF2 or D2.

Bryan's 3+4 is frequently evaded by QCF1 at anything but close range. QCF1 can even evade orbital near the end.

DB1 evades Bryan's jabs and magic 4 fine, since they have weak hitboxes. If Feng is at +1, UF2 will SS Bryan's entire arsenal, trade favourably with his 1+2 homing, and CH his DF4 homing. However, when Bryan is at +4, such as after blocked B1, UF2 won't evade jab or M4.

In the DB3 situation, be wary of Bryan's i12 WS3. Depending on side this can be unsteppable, and will CH launch you. This, again, whiffs on CC back kenpo. After blocking his WS3, you can kenpo the -10 string follow-up for a reaction KEN2 punish instead.

Uses for punch sabaki: Follow-ups to his 1+2 homing can be option-selected with your own 1+2. If you bait an F4-1 whiff punish, you can parry that too, and his F1+4 unblockable if he tries to use it to close the round out. DF1 pressure is also very vulnerable to a sabaki. For Bryan's 121, using sabaki risks being counterhit by the undelayed string. B2+4 punch parry does not risk this.

Bryan's QCF1+2 wallbounce can be spaced to make Feng's only punishes whiff.

Bryan WS1 is only safe against Feng's pushback punishers at absolute tip range. It's worth trying to punish it the overwhelming majority of the time.