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Contributing to Wavu Wiki is as simple as going ahead and doing it. Reading this page and others like it is recommended, but not required. If you think something should be added or changed, just do it.

Unless specified otherwise, Wavu Wiki defers to Wikipedia's policies and guidelines.


Wavu Wiki is a game guide for Tekken 7. Its goal is to be the definitive source of knowledge for how to play the game, with all information on the site being in service of this goal. Anything else is out of scope.

Anything related to Tekken's lore, art, or development should go to the Tekken Wiki on Fandom.

Anything related to the competitive scene should go to the Fighting Games Wiki on Liquipedia.


As this wiki describes the game, the main source of truth is the game itself.

Hierarchy of evidence when it comes to frame counting is in this order (highest on top):

If sources disagree, then the one higher in the hierarchy goes in the wiki.


Keep it short and get to the point. A page which says something in 5 sentences is usually better than another which says it in 10. Respect the reader's time.

Techniques should be described in terms of necessary inputs only. Only after that should placebo inputs which can help perform the input be mentioned.


Jargon should be avoided where possible, but not if doing so would make the writing less clear. Make sure any terms used are defined in jargon.


Notation should be self-consistent, explicit, short, easy to read, intuitive, and unambiguous. Precedent and consistency with other resources is preferred, but not if doing so is contrary to these goals.

When other sources use different notation to refer to something, this should be noted once where the notation is defined in the wiki, preferably in a footnote, and not be used anywhere else in the wiki.

Avoid using abbreviations if they aren't necessary. If an abbreviation is defined on a page, it should be glossed only once. Make sure any stance abbreviations used are defined in Stances. Character-specific stance abbreviations do not need to be unique.

Make sure there's a redirect page for any abbreviations not defined in Notation.

Don't capitalize a term just because it has an abbreviation.

Don't bother making up notation to describe how something looks. It'll never be sufficient, and it's immediately obvious to players anyway. Use videos instead.


Pages should make liberal use of videos. A single, short clip can add substantial clarity to otherwise dry text. See Snake Edge for an example. Tekken is a visual game, so most pages without visuals are missing something important.

Videos should—

  • Like the text, be short and to the point, usually between 2 to 5 seconds. Anything longer than that is probably lacking in focus.
  • Contain only what they mean to communicate, and nothing more. For example, File:Kuma-Lee-wall-D4444.mp4 starts at the wall combo rather than at the wall splat, since the splat itself is not relevant to the video.
  • Usually not contain anything beyond a raw recording of game visuals. Any supplemental notes or annotations should be in the page text itself.

See Wavu:Videos for technical details on recording videos for this wiki.


Color should be used sparingly. Its main use is to make reading large tables easier and to communicate something visually in a figure.

Wavu Wiki has a dark mode, which depends on every use of color indicating its behavior in both light and dark mode. As such, any use of color should be done through the color classes defined in MediaWiki:Common.css.

If color communicates something not communicated otherwise, add the "pattern" class to aid color blind readers.

Class Result
bg-red Text
bg-orange Text
bg-yellow Text
bg-green Text
bg-teal Text
bg-blue Text
bg-purple Text
Class Result
bg-red pattern Text
bg-orange pattern Text
bg-yellow pattern Text
bg-green pattern Text
bg-teal pattern Text
bg-blue pattern Text
bg-purple pattern Text