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Videos should be as small as possible, as this makes them load faster and reduces server load. However, this should not come at the cost of clarity. If a video doesn't effectively communicate what it means to, then it being small is irrelevant—it's useless.

The easiest way to ensure a video is small is to make it shorter. Most videos on Wavu Wiki should be around 2 to 5 seconds long. Be ruthless in cutting out dead time from a video.

For a tutorial on how to record, trim, and encode videos, see Wavu:Video recording tutorial.

Encoder parameters

These parameters are chosen such that all relevant text renders on the UI are legible, while optimizing file size and video quality at both down-scaled (thumbnail) and up-scaled (full screen) resolutions.

Pixel format yuv420p
Encoder x264
crf 25
Preset veryslow
Frame rate 60fps
Resolution 640x360[1]
Container mp4
Audio track None[2]
  1. ↑ Aspect ratio can be changed and total size increased as appropriate so long as the bitrate stays below 3000 Kb/s.
  2. ↑ Most videos don't need an audio track, but it's permitted if essential to the video. In these cases, be sure to turn off the background music.

Graphics settings

Use the best graphics settings your computer can handle without compromising the frame rate.

Character choice

It's not important whether a recording “features” P1 or P2. However, it's preferable if the viewpoint fighter (if there is one) is “looking” towards the text (see wikipedia:MOS:IMAGELOCATION), so if you're aware of how you want to use the video in an article, record it from that perspective. Most videos will be placed on the right, so a sensible default is to record as P2.

Using Heihachi as the training dummy can be useful since his idle animation doesn't move his position at all.

If demonstrating a combo, it's usually best to do it against Xiaoyu or Kunimitsu, since they have the smallest hitboxes.

If the character choice is irrelevant to the video, then try and mix it up. We don't need every video featuring Mishimas.

Use the default P1 costume unless the video is demonstrating a specific costume. If it's a mirror, then P2 should use the P2 costume.

Map choice

Be careful recording on Infinite Azure, since sometimes there's a massive lens flare which makes text not legible after encoding.

Any stage is permitted, but advised not to use stages with red color grading (Jungle Outpost 1, Twighlight Conflict 2, Devil's Pit, Brimstone and Fire, Howard Estate, Vermilion Gates) unless you have a no-colorgrading mod for needed stage, or the stage is required for demonstration. Know that most stages have an appropriate alternative. Stages with snow-like effects are advised not to use, unless there is a mod removing it, or the stage is required for demonstration (Arctic Snowfall, Dragon's Nest final round, Helipad night, Howard Estate post balcony) Dark stages should also be generally avoided.

As general rule, unless needed otherwise, stage is chosen from the pool of:

  • Forgotten Realm
  • Jungle Outpost 2
  • Twighlight Conflict 1
  • Dragon's Nest no rain
  • Souq
  • Duomo Di Sirio
  • G.Corp Helipad (day)
  • Precipice of Fate
  • Geometric Plane
  • Infinite Azure 1 or 2
  • Hammerhead
  • Last Day on Earth

Other stages are permitted, it's just an advice to keep the visuals clear. Red stages do not provide visual clarity on a lot of screens, rain, snow and alike may mess with compression algorythms, making videos look uncomprehensible, dark stages may just be too dark to see the demonstration clearly

Encoding efficiency

It might seem insignificant, but the right stage choice can make your file a lot smaller.
We considered recommending a mod to get the waiting room in practice mode, but it turns out Infinite Azure 2 encodes to smaller files anyway.
The snow and moving backdrop make this video 29% bigger than the same video on Infinite Azure 2.

Map choice has a substantial effect on the filesize of a video after encoding. Backgrounds with complicated or moving parts require more data to be encoded at the same quality level. The color of the stage compared with the fighters can also make a notable difference.

The following tests were done by recording Kazumi on P1 doing f,F+4 f+3,F RSS.2 d/f+1 b,f+2,1,4 S! f+3,F RSS.1 against Heihachi, with each video being 7 seconds long and encoded with x264 crf25 [email protected]

Map Bitrate (kb/s) Ratio (vs best)
Geometric Plane[e 1] 2206 1
Infinite Azure 2[e 1] 2223 1.01
Kinder Gym 2238 1.01
Infinite Azure 2[e 2] 2256 1.02
Last Day on Earth 2284 1.04
Waiting Room 2319 1.05
Violet Systems 2334 1.06
Precipice of Fate 2404 1.09
Infinite Azure 2442 1.11
Geometric Plane[e 2] 2554 1.16
G-Corp Helipad[e 3] 2643 1.2
Brimstone & Fire 2647 1.2
Hammerhead 2655 1.2
Mishima Dojo 2751 1.25
G-Corp Helipad 2767 1.25
Arctic Snowfall 2868 1.3
Jungle Outpost 3004 1.36
Duomo Di Sirio 3164 1.43
Arena 3173 1.44
G-Corp Helipad (Night) 3294 1.49
Souq 3350 1.52
Jungle Outpost 2 3391 1.54
  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 Kazumi P1 costume
  2. ↑ 2.0 2.1 Kazumi P2 costume
  3. ↑ After the helicopter leaves the scene

Practice mode settings

Most videos are recorded from practice mode. These settings are recommended for most videos.

Action settings

These action settings avoid misleading readers into thinking combos exist where they don't.

CPU Opponent Action 1 Stand
CPU Opponent Action 2 Guard All
Ground Technique Side Quick Roll (Left)
Stand Up Wake Up (Backward)

Restart settings

Try to avoid combining “Switch Positions” with having both player and opponent frame info or attack info turned on, since the switched positions will make the UI opposite the visuals, which can be confusing.

Display settings

Command History Display
Health Gauge Hide
Player Attack Info Display
CPU Opponent Attack Info Hide
Hit Properties Display
Recovery Animation Hide
Player Frame Info Hide[d 1]
Opponent Frame Info Hide[d 1]
  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 Set to “Detailed Display” if frame data is central to the video

Other settings

Player Attacks (Counter Hit) Not Set
Opponent Attacks (Counter Hit) Not Set
Player Rage Not Set
Opponent Rage Not Set