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The top of all the character pages should have a {{Navbox fighter}} on it, which has the following standard pages:

This {{Navbox fighter}} should not be directly included on any pages. Instead, a template based on it exists for each character, and that template goes on the top of each of the pages linked. Right now these are just named after the character, e.g. {{Lee}} is the Lee navbox. (It'd be clearer if it were called {{Navbox Lee}}, but changing that now would be a bother.)

The main page (e.g. Lee) should have on it {{Infobox fighter}}, {{Archetype}}, {{BlueRed}}, {{KeyTechs}}, {{Punishment}}, and {{Navbox fighter}} transcludes. The bio on this page should be aggressively brief, ideally only 2–3 short paragraphs.

The standard subpages should be based on {{Movelist}}, {{Strategy}}, {{Punishers}}, and {{Combos}} respectively. A lot of existing subpages are not based on the current templates and need updating. (Write e.g. {{subst:Combos}} on the combos pages to copy it over quickly.)

The punishers pages should indicate stance transitions in the Frames column. If it's an optional transition, make a separate row for the transition input. See Anna punishers. Damage of launchers should list the damage of just the launcher, and then the damage of the combo in brackets, with a link to the relevant section in the combos page, e.g. 30 (55).

The combos pages should have the combos ordered by damage, descending. If the character has a unique combo technique, it can be explained briefly at the start of the Staples section, e.g. Lee combos#Staples. Launchers should be grouped together as much as possible to simplify the page, but be careful not to overdo it.

If combo variations are only on the enders, e.g. there's 5 enders that work on all the various starters, don't list every possible combination of these. List all the enders for the starter that does the most damage, then leave it implied for the rest of them. It might also be better in some cases to explain the post-screw enders on their own.

The movelist pages should primarily consist of {{Move7}} transcludes ordered as follows. Sections: Rage, n, f, df, d, db, b, u, Motion input, Crouch, WS, {Char specific stances}, Others, Throws, 10 Strings. If a char has multiple BT transitions then BT should get its own section before Others. Within sections moves should be ordered by direction first (n first, then clockwise starting at f), then numerically by button (first 1, last 4; combinations ordered by number of buttons, then starting from the first button). So for example, BT.4 is before BT.f+3 is before BT.d+1 is before BT.d+4 is before BT.d+2+3 is before BT.d+1+2+3. Generic moves can be included but a movelist is considered complete without them.

The movelist pages should not contain usage tips in the notes. Notes should only address the technical details of what the move does. Further details belong elsewhere, such as the strategy or tech pages.

The strategy pages and others like it should avoid dumping frame data on the reader as much as possible. If someone wants the frame data they know where to find it. Write things about key moves that aren't obvious, and if that means there's nothing else to write (which isn't likely), don't bother writing anything.

The changelog pages all already exist and source everything from Module:Patch. To update these, update the relevant patch page.

More pages can be added to the navbox if necessary on a per-character basis, as in e.g. {{Lee}}. Don't add the character name to the title unless there's ambiguity, e.g. call the page Acid Rain and not Lee Acid Rain or Acid Rain (Lee), because there's no other character with Acid Rain.

Deprecated layout

Previously, the navboxes used a {{Row}} transclude, and each subpage was written in manually. These typically included some subpages that are no longer standard:

  • Fighter neutral, scope is now covered by Fighter strategy.
  • Fighter setups, scope is now covered by Fighter strategy.
  • Fighter matchups, used to be based on {{Matchups}}. Scope is now handled by putting the information in one of the relevant subpages.
    • The idea behind these was that the matchup pages would be symmetrical, e.g. Kuma vs Lee would be written for and read by both Lee and Kuma players, and this would avoid redundancy. However, in practice, the scope of these pages rarely got beyond people listing their combos and punishers that were specific to the matchup (or even worse, copying the same combo to 5-10 different matchup pages), and this structure just ended up making that information scattered, disorganized, and less visible.
    • Any information currently in a matchup page should be moved to a more visible page. For example, all of the info in Kuma vs Lee can be moved to Lee combos.