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Kuma vs Lee

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This page on the Kuma vs Lee matchup only contains information specific to it, such as:

  • Interactions between the two fighters' moves, hitboxes, and/or hurtboxes
  • How the two fighters' neutral plans need to adapt for this matchup

It does not contain general information for playing against either fighter, which is instead at Kuma counterplay and Lee counterplay.

Like most Kuma matchups, his unique size changes the properties of many of Lee's moves.

Lee's wall combos

d+3 ender
After the usual f+4,3 spike, Lee's d+3 is not guaranteed. Kuma recovers fast enough to stand and block it with D/B.
Lee's d+4,4,u+3 will cause a side switch. Usually it doesn't.
Lee's d+4,4,3,3 will cause a techable backflop. Usually it causes a regular knockdown.
D+4,4,4<4 ender
After the usual f+4,3 spike, Lee's D+4,4,4<4 will deal 23 damage. Usually only 13 damage from d+3 is guaranteed.
D+4,4,4,4 ender
After the usual f+4,3 spike, Lee's D+4,4,4,4 will cause a wall or balcony break. This can lead to huge combos, especially on Howard Estate, because the juggle pushback and screw get reset. However, Kuma can prevent this with a spring kick.

Lee's neutral

Lee's ws2,3 becomes a full launcher with b+2,4,3. Usually only f,F+3 and R.d/f+3+4 can connect.