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Punishers: 10f 2,1 12f db1,2 (+5 oh) 13f f2,1 14f d1+2 (useful to punish dj's rage drive) 15f df2,1

Crouching: 11f ws4 13f ws1,1 (one of the best 13f ws punishers in the game after the ones that launch) 15f ws2

16f uf3

Bears have short legs which is a double edged sword because on one hand it is harder to hit them low, on the other hand longer and more damaging wall combos are possible against them They are prone to being pressured because they have a big hitbox and mostly don0t sidestep aside from specific situations, but they have long arms and consequently good reach on their moves. They have one of the best whiff punishment option in the game in df2,1, they can play the keepout game with f1 and bf2 (high, tracking, good range). Hunting Bear Stance (hbs) is primarily for mixups: hbs 1,2 is their low option, low damaging but very annoying, while hbs df1,1 is their hit confirmable mid option (careful because the second hit is high and a sharp opponent will duck and launch you for this). Good mid pokes: df4 uf1+2 (3+4) df1+2 (safe homing but slow) sometimes ff2 b1 (3+4) Good low pokes: db2 (high crushing, -13ob, +1oh) FC 1 (safe ob, slightly positive oh, high crush) d4 (same as FC1, +2 oh) db3 (same as above, but without any crushing property)