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Key techniques
  • ss1 cancel
  • ws1 loop
  • Chain throws
  • Hayashida Step
Stances {{{stances}}}
Fastest launch
  • i15 – d/f+2
  • i14 – qcf+4,2 (TAS only)
  • i13 – SS 2
(if already in step)
Fastest CH launch
  • High: i11 – 4
  • Mid: i15 – d/f+2
  • Low: i16 – d+3,2
Fastest wall splat
  • i14 – d/f+3,f+4 (standing)
  • i13 – ws1,1+2 (crouching)
  • b+1+3
  • b+2+4
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • d/f+1 (standing)
  • ws4 (crouching)
Orbital u/f+1
Shadow cutter d,d/f,f+3
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
Missing (none)
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Lore {{{lore}}}

Nina is a jack of all trades character. She has a move for almost any situation, but no single move is universally abuseable. She's typically classified as a rush down character, and has very good tools for that, but she can be played in any style effectively. She has threatening ranged tools, strong counter hits, some of the best evasion in the game, and top-tier wall carry.

Known for her steep execution when played at the highest level, advanced techniques (SS 1 cancels, iWS 1 loops, etc.) require considerable practice; however, these aspects aren't crucial to her success. While her most damaging combos are locked behind high execution, she has access to more lenient combo routes for adequate damage.

  • Pressure strings
  • Wall carry
  • Wall pressure
  • Throw game
  • Short range
  • Weak to ducking

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