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Lore Paul Phoenix

Paul is, simply speaking, a powerhouse. While other characters might rely on strings, speed or trickery, Paul relies on sheer, direct force to break his opponents down. He has some of the most devastating single-hit mids in the game -- most infamously the Phoenix Smasher, commonly referred to as the Deathfist -- and once the opponent is respecting these mids, he has access to several damaging lows and a great throw game to punish opponents that are being too passive. He also controls space very well thanks to several long-range moves, arguably the best set of homing moves in the game, and a good set of whiff punishers. An opponent also has to be careful about trying to commit to unsafe moves against him, as Paul has amazing block punishment for most situations. On top of this, he might be the single scariest character in the game when he has rage, thanks to his powerful rage drive and his unique ability to cancel his rage art for enormous damage.

In previous Tekken games, Paul was notorious for having very unsafe lows, but that's not really true in Tekken 7, as SS3 and QCF3 are relatively safe for what they do, even though you can still go for his damaging but launch punishable Demoman if you feel you need it. However, while he's incredibly explosive once he finds an opening, Paul's poking game is rather mediocre. Paul really only needs that one good hit, whether it is a sneaky df2, a well-timed counter-hit or a well-timed power-mid against a ducking opponent, to steal the round. If you want a character that thrives on getting big damage from the smallest opening, the Phoenix might be your man.


  • damaging set of mids to discourage duckers
  • decent array of lows
  • solid mid-range control thanks to good overall range
  • a full throw game, including two wall-splatting throws and a floor-breaking throw
  • powerful counter-hit options
  • one of the best sets of block punishers in the game
  • his safe df2 can evade highs jabs
  • decent and damaging set of panic moves
  • very scary wall game and good wall combo damage
  • an absolute terror when he has rage


  • Sluggish frame data, no fast (i13) safe mid that allows for movement and no easy way to setup frame traps/pressure on block, must focus on punishment to gain advantage, harder to dominate neutral
  • Pokes typically end his turn or dont allow for much offense afterward
  • Combos dont allow for Oki in the open ground
  • mediocre sidestep
  • lacks safe approach tools
  • weak 10f punish
  • Clean Hit on DemoMan is notoriously poor

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