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  • Gains access to new follow-ups to his Power Stance (db+1+2)
  • EWHF can be performed without just frame input.
Heat Smash Mid, i15~16, +3
Heat Engagers
  • 1+2
  • df+4
  • f,f+2
  • f+3,1
  • ZEN.2
  • ZEN (Zenshin) – f+4 or b3+4
  • CD (Crouch Dash) – f,n,d,df or ZEN.df
  • i14 – f,n,d,df#2 (hard) (standing)
  • i15 – d+3+4 (standing)
  • i15 – uf+4 (standing)
  • i14 – ws2 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i16 – db+2,2 (mid, high)
  • i16 – f+4 (mid, longer range)
Wall splat
  • i10 – 2,4 (standing)
  • i14 – ws2 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
Parry b+1+3 (high or mid attacks)
Sabaki b+1+2
Mid check
  • df+1 (Standing)
  • b+2,1 (Standing)
  • b+3 (Standing)
  • f+4 (Standing)
  • ws4 (Crouching)
Hopkick uf+4
Stature kick db+4
Power low d+2
Slash kick wr3
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
Missing d+2
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Lore Jin Kazama
Twitter #T8_Jin
Discord [1]

This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Jin (Tekken 7).

Jin is an incredibly versatile character, having an answer for every situation. His strengths include powerful punishment, space control with long-ranged keep-out attacks, and excellent close-ranged pressure thanks to his pokes and wavedash mix-ups. His execution requirements are strict in high-level play, but he can be played effectively by beginners and masters alike.

Jin’s strong space control tools include Front Thrust Kick (f+4) a safe, counter-hit launching mid, and High Right Roundhouse (4), a fast homing move with counter-hit properties. When it’s time to go on the offensive, use Demon’s Paw (f, f+2), a safe, long-ranged, mid Heat Engager; one of the strongest approach tools in Tekken 8.

Up close, Jin has several delayable poking strings, such as Double Thrust > Roundhouse (2, 1, 4) and Mid Left Punch > High Roundhousekick (d/f+1, 4). Mix in lows such as Scourge (d+2) and Right Low Roundhouse (d/b+4) for oppressive offense.

Rounding out Jin's moveset is the incredible Electric Wind Hook Fist (f, n, d, d/f+2), an excellent tool for pressure, keep out and punishment alike. Practice wavedashing to mix it up with Depraved Savagery (f, n, d, d/f+4, 2), a power low, and Left Axe Kick (f, f+3), a safe mid launcher.

Perhaps the most well-rounded character in the roster, few encompass Tekken more than Jin: The Lightning of Fate!

  • Mishima Supreme: Jin has all the Mishima tools, but few of their weaknesses. He retains the EWGF, Hellsweep, wave dash and Left Splits Kick toolkit, but also has good tracking tools and many generalist moves.
  • Great Pokes: Jin has many good pokes and safe strings. Front Thrust Kick leads to excellent damage on counterhit and gives him formidable defensive prowess.
  • Mixup Machine: Zanshin stance, Scourge, Fiendish Rend, Hellsweep, and his great low buttons give Jin everything he needs to open people up.
  • Defensive Demon: Jin's Electric Wind Hook Fist is a scary keepout tool, and his unique parry allows him to slip through things that other characters may struggle with.
  • Execution for Mastery: Jin is strong and straightforward at all levels, but at higher levels he has the necessary execution of any other Mishima. Practice is necessary to make him as strong as possible.
  • War Criminal: Started WWIII in Tekken 6 and still hasn't gone to the Hague for it.

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