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Key techniques
Stances {{{stances}}}
Fastest launch
  • i14 – f,n,d,df+2 (standing, not bufferable)
  • i15 – d+3+4 / u/f+4 (standing, bufferable)
  • i14 – ws2 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i13 – 4 (high)
  • i15 – d/f+2 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i10 – 2,4 (standing, high)
  • i12 – 1+2 (standing, mid)
  • i14 – ws2 (crouching)
Parry b+1+3 (highs or mids, also parries elbows, knees, WR moves and Rage Arts)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • d/f+1 (standing)
  • ws4 (crouching)
Hopkick u/f+4
Stature kick d/b+4
Power low f,n,d,df+4
Snake edge CDS 4 or ZEN 4
Generic moves
Remapped d+1 → d/b+1
Missing d+4 (only accessible from crouching)
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Lore Jin Kazama
Discord [1]
Active players

Jin is one of the most well-rounded and versatile characters on the roster, having an answer for every situation. His key strengths are controlling the neutral game with long-ranged safe mid pokes, possessing strong block and whiff punishers, and having excellent combos in terms of both damage and wall carry. In addition to all this, he also has an above-average counter-hit/frametrap-pressure game, making him a solid character in the current meta.

The flexibility of Jin's moveset allows a player to adopt various playstyles. While he can be played very effectively at mid range, he can also poke decently well up close (though his punch moves are stubbier than his kick moves), and for high-risk high-reward he also has the ability to go for a crouch dash mix up.

While he can be played effectively at any level - Jin has an above-average execution barrier, owing to techniques like electrics, wavedashing, and certain combo conversions, such as counter hit f+4 without stance requiring quite a lot of practice. There are much easier alternatives to all of these, but their reward is either mediocre or average at best. Combining these factors makes for a character that is difficult to master, but rewarding and threatening all at once.

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