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  • Access to an instant EXT DCK with df+3+4.
  • Access to an unbreakable grab after EXT DCK (followups can be broken).
  • LNH will automatically parry mids.
Heat Smash Mid, i16, +8 (LNH)
Heat Engagers
  • 1+2
  • qcf+1
  • ALB.2
  • f,f,F+2
  • LNH.1
  • FLK (Flicker) – b+3+4
  • PAB (Peekaboo) – f+3+4
  • DCK (Duck) – f+3 (or f+4)
  • WVE (Weave) – 3 and 4
  • SWY (Sway) – b+3 (or b+4)
  • LNH (Lionheart) – ub+3
  • i22 – uf+2 (standing)
  • i18 – FC.df+2 (crouching)
CH launch i13 – b+1
Wall splat i16 – qcf+1
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • df+1 – i13 (standing)
  • ws1 – i11 (crouching)
Hopkick uf+4 – i22
Slash kick f,f,F+2 – i20
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
Missing (none)
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Steve (Tekken 7).

Steve, the Counter-Punching Paragon, is a boxer with some of the best counterhit tools in Tekken 8. True to his fighting discipline, he does not kick, with his two kick buttons largely acting as stance transition buttons, rather than the conventional kick attack binds. He boasts one of the largest movelists in the game, allowing for flexibility in keep out, pressure, and general player expression.

Steve is (in)famous for his Quick Hook (b+1), an i13 counterhit launcher that, upon being cancelled into Steve's Flicker (FLK) stance, leaves Steve at only -1 on block. Pairing this with its fast whiff recovery, large hitbox, and deadly combo damage on successful counter hit makes Steve a deadly character to carelessly button into.

All three of his primary stances, Flicker (FLK), Peekaboo (PAB), and Duck (DCK) permit Steve a very freeform approach to combat, and being able to seamlessly transition between the three on the fly is a powerful ability to master. He has a further five secondary stances in Sway (SWY), Albatross (ALB), Left Weave (LWV), Right Weave (RWV), and Extended Duck (EXTDCK), that, in tandem with the rest of his kit allow him to slink away from danger at a moment's notice, or quickly dart in from afar. New to Tekken 8 is his Lionheart (LNH) stance, that serves to both mix-up or keep out the opponent.

Steve's weaknesses are readily apparent. He lacks a standard i15 frame launcher, only being able to launch punish at i22, meaning his block punishment is some of, if not the worst, in the game. While his lows are okay, many have either low damage, bad frame advantage on hit, or incredibly bad range (such as his main power low db+3,2). That being said, he has one of the few safe lows in the game in d+2,1 when properly DCK cancelled.

While players can generally get by using a small selection of his core tools, mastering Steve is well worth the effort. A great Steve player will employ a highly unpredictable offense with his large amount of options to harass and annoy the opponent, goading them into fighting back, before catching their careless attempts at retaliation with a brutal, well-timed counter hit.

  • Counter Punching Paragon: Steve's entire gameplan revolves around landing his safe, rewarding counter-hit tools, which are arguably some of the best in the game.
  • Safety: With the ability to stance cancel his mids and highs, Steve is not only very safe but also quite hard to whiff punish.
  • Flexible Stances: Steve's many stances have multiple purposes, and can be freely cancelled into each other, allowing unique offensive/defensive scenarios and boundless player expression.
  • No Free Launch: Uniquely, Steve lacks a standard i15 launch punisher, only able to launch at i18 from crouching and a whopping i22 for standing, making him very unorthodox and uncomfortable for a new player, as well as significantly limiting his block punishment.
  • Boxer Lows: Steve's lows each have multiple flaws ranging from poor frame advantage, safety, range, and speed. This makes it significantly harder for Steve to chip away at an opponent's health and make comebacks compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Advanced: Steve's lack of a standard i15 launch, his kick buttons being stances, his numerous stances and extensive movelist, and his reliance on landing counterhits all combine to make Steve a fairly difficult character for Tekken newcomers to pick up and play.
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