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  • Allows the use of moves during Lightning Glare
Heat Smash
  • Mid, i16~17, +8~+9
  • Low, i20~21, -13~-12
Heat Engagers
  • db+2,4
  • b+2,1+2
  • ws4,1+2
  • KNK.1,2
  • BOK.1+2
  • KNK (Jin Ji Du Li) – f+4
  • BOK (Fo Bu) – d+1+2
  • CD (Jin Bu) – qcf
  • i15 – df+2 (standing)
  • i15 – ws2 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i17 – f+3+4 (high)
  • i21 – d+2 (mid)
Wall splat
  • i13 – uf+1,2 (high)
  • i16 – db+2,4 (mid)
Archetypal moves
  • b+1+3,P.2 (high, mid)
  • b+2+4 (high, mid)
  • ub+1,P.4 (high or mid kicks)
  • b+2+3 (high or mid punches)
Mid check
  • df+1 (standing)
Stature kick
  • d+4
Power low
  • db+4
  • df2+3
  • FC df+3
Slash kick
  • f,f,F+3
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+4 → d3+4
  • d+2
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Leo (Tekken 7).

Leo is an all-rounder with strong fundamental tools. Leo's primary focuses are wall pressure, through mixups involving moves like their hellsweep db+4 and KNK stance moves, as well as whiff punishing through moves like df+2. Leo's damage at the wall is extremely high, and they can take their opponent to the wall easily. Leo also has great block and while standing punishment with a decent 1 jab and ws4, a safe-on-block i11 mid with a Heat Engager followup. However, Leo has a fairly weak CH game, with few moves providing great reward, and their low game tends to falter outside of close range.

Leo's new install mechanic, Lightning Glare, is charged after several key moves and strings, and always on during Heat. It provides them with an additional burst of damage in their most common strings, including the hit-confirmable f+2,4,LTG.3 and b+3,1,LTG.2 as well as the power low db+4,1,LTG.1+2.

  • Jack Of All Trades, Master Of A Few. Leo's basic tools range from decent to amazing, allowing them to rely on fundamentals in most scenarios.
  • Whiff Punish Machine. Leo's df+2 launcher reaches from range 2.5, allowing them to easily whiff punish a lot of moves. Also, f,F+2 reaches from range 3.75, leading to insane reward at the wall.
  • Wall Monster. Leo gets great mixup potential at the wall, where a lot of good reward moves turn into great reward.
  • Stances. Leo's BOK and KNK stances give great pressure, with a lot of moves that lead into them being at least slightly plus, and decently fast moves out of stance can make the opponent think twice before they try to punish.
  • Sky's The Limit. Leo's qcf crouch dash, an already great mobility tool, can be cancelled, leading into amazing wall carry and mobility with good execution.
  • Heat Smash. Leo's standing Heat Smash hits from range 2.5, is i16, jails into the +8 on block finisher, and can be cancelled into crouch dash by holding df, making you +16. If the opponent throws out a stubby move, you get a free chunk of damage, and on block, you get a free mixup.
  • Weak Low Pokes. Leo's lows are below average outside of mixup scenarios, being either stubby or slow.
  • Linear. Some of Leo's good moves have poor tracking, making them susceptible to sidestep/walk.
KNK Cancel

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