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  • Empowered Feisty Rabbit low
  • Empowered f,F+3+4 (and other Piercing Thorn moves)
Heat Smash
  • High, i23, +9 (stanceless)
  • Low, i16, -8 (back turn)
Heat Engagers
  • 3,1
  • 3+4
  • qcf+2,1
  • BT.1,4
  • b3 or B4,2
  • BT (Back Turn) - b+3+4
  • DEW (Dew Glide) - qcf
  • RAB (Feisty Rabbit) - b+3 or b+4
Launch {{{launch}}}
CH launch {{{chLaunch}}}
Wall splat {{{splat}}}
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • df+1 (standing)
  • uf+3 (standing)
Stature kick
  • d+3
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
Missing (none)
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Discord ~🌺Lili de Rochefort Estate🌺~

This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Lili (Tekken 7).

Lili is a solid, well-rounded character with good generics, pressure, mixups and the best sidestep in the game. Her powerful sidestep and space control make her extremely difficult to pin down, and she can punish whiffs with a strong and consistent punishment kit. Her evasiveness makes an opponent hesitate to press, allowing her to go in with solid plus frame pressure and mixups out of her backturned (BT) stance. Heat makes her pressure and mixups even more threatening, with access to arguably the best low Heat Smash in the game. She also has decent counterhits, strong oki and a terrifying wall game, with many safe wall splats. All of this, along with high combo damage and low execution requirements outside of qcf motions, make her a very well-rounded, approachable and effective character to pick up.

Despite being the queen of sidesteps, Lili is somewhat prone to getting sidestepped herself, and lacks effective tracking on many of her pokes. Her homing moves are also on the slower side, which makes them prone to getting stuffed. Her pressure is can also be easy to interrupt if she hasn't adequately conditioned her opponents to block her plus moves.

  • Best sidestep in the game
  • Strong generic tools, mid checks, and confirmable strings
  • Solid plus frame pressure
  • One of the best oki tools with qcf+3
  • Arguably the best low heat smash in the game
  • Poor homing moves and subpar tracking on her pokes
  • Slow and crouchable heat smash outside of BT
  • No safe launchers, fairly slow counter-hit options
  • Risky heat engagers

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