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  • Enhanced b+1
  • Enhanced f,F+1+2
  • New move: 3+4
Heat Smash i20 - Mid - +24 (STC)
Heat Engagers
  • f+1+2
  • b+1+2
  • f,F+2
  • BT.2
  • KNP.2
  • KNP (kenpo) - b+3+4
  • STC (shifting clouds) - f+3+4
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Feng (Tekken 7).

Feng Wei is, in a word, unconventional. Whatever he lacks in traditional Tekken tools, he makes up for it with incredible evasion, a full kit of very frustrating lows, and a great suite of back turn tools, including a 50/50 coin-flip throw mixup. His crouch dash (qcf or d,df) gives him the ability to make deep approaches by canceling into his safe ws1 (d,df,n,1) and also gives him access to his qcf+1+2 and qcf+1. The former is a +0 on block headbutt that forces the opponent into crouch. The latter is a low, unparryable shoulder. Both wreak havoc on counter hit.

His stances Deceptive Step (b+3+4, A.K.A. "back Kenpo" or "KNP") and Shifting Clouds (f+3+4, A.K.A. "forward Kenpo" or "STC") can both be used to either sway out of an opponents threat range or move into it to apply pressure. In both, Feng has a plentiful selection of threatening pokes and mixups.

Feng requires a lot of raw conditioning to be done before he can really open up his evasive, tricky gameplan. After testing the waters with his snake dash (crouch dash chain) and stances, he'll create opporninties to land big hits with moves like b+1+2 in no time.

  • Excellent Neutral Game: Feng has no shortage of great pokes, with his great jabs, mids like b+4 and df+1, and lows like d+2, db+3, and especially FC df+4,1. He can even play keep out with f+4, a safe high launcher that can also go into backturn.
  • Offensive Pressure: At any time, Feng can close the distance with a Snake Dash (repeated qcf,u,n) and lock opponents down with his b+3. If they become too passive, Feng can easily push them to the wall with moves like 3,1+2*.
  • Scary Mixups: Feng has some of the most devastating mixups in the game, including fast, launching sweeps (BT.d+3 and SS.4) and a safe, launching mid (df3). When Heat is activated, his BT mixup is much scarier as 3+4 acts as essentially a free opportunity to make opponents guess.
  • Tricky to Lock Down: Evasive moves and stances such as uf+2 and Deceptive Step make him difficult to approach and pressure. He also has parries for days, and Shifting Clouds can uniquely parry strings if opponents follow through. As a last resort, he can use b,f+1, a massive backswing blow that can launch on counter hit.
  • Proper Punish Game: Feng possesses very strong block and whiff punishment at all ranges and frames, even if players themselves are not as optimal with them. When he gets a launch, his wall carry is also bolstered by uf+3, one of the most abusable aerial tailspin moves in the game.
  • Blind to his Right: Most of Feng's key moves are weak to sidestep/sidewalk left. Safe as he is, it is still possible for opponents to create large whiff opportunities against him.
  • Skips Leg Day: Wonky range and hitbox on his hopkick and ws3 can make it hard to launch punish some specific moves.
  • The oldest 27 year old man of all time

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