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Key techniques (none)
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Fastest launch
  • i15 – uf4 (standing)
  • i15 – ws3 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i15 – ws2 (crouching)
  • i22 – qcf1 (low)
  • i32 – f,f+3 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i13 – b+1+2 (mid)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • b4 – (i12, tracks)
  • df1 – (i14)
Hopkick uf4 – (i15)
Power low ss4 – (i20)
Snake edge db4 – (i30)
Shadow cutter QCF1 – (i22)
Generic moves
Remapped d4 → d3+4
Missing (none)
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Lore Feng Wei

Feng Wei is an evasive, extremely versatile character oriented towards neutral space control & poking. He has a deep movelist filled with unconventional pokes, able to carry on offense despite attempts to counter-hit him, aiming to lock his opponent down. For this reason, pressuring him is rarely a safe bet.

However, his standing block punishment can be lacking and he has a mediocre sidestep, so use of his more unique aspects is important to compensate for this. These include his unique backsway stance, Back Kenpo.

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