Feng punishers

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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Feng punishers (Tekken 7).

Enemy Move Damage Frames
-13b+1+2[2]31+18a (+13)
-15uf+413+33a (+23)
-15ws315+33a (+23)
uf+413+33a (+23)
Back-turned opponent
Grounded opponent
Whiff punishers
Move Speed Range Damage Risk Hitbox
  1. +5 if you transition to BT with B (1,2,2~B)
  2. Heat Engager. +18a (+13) when already in Heat or Heat is not available.
  3. Only use over uf+4 if they're out of range of uf+4
  4. +55a if you transition to BT with B (f+4~B)