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Xiaoyu punishers

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Punishers for tricky moves
Various Slide {{{slide}}}
Generic FUFT.4 {{{generic-a}}}
  • b+4,4
  • b+4,4,3+4~1
  • b+3+4
  • b+3+4,3+4
db+4 {{{king-a}}}
Asuka b+3 {{{asuka-a}}}
Claudio f+2,2 {{{claudio-a}}}
Devil Jin
  • u+4
  • u+4,U~n_1_2_3
R.f,n,d,df+4,3+4 {{{devil-jin-b}}}
Eddy 3~4 {{{eddy-a}}}
b+3,3 {{{eddy-b}}}
Heihachi f,F+2 {{{heihachi-a}}}
Jack-7 R.b+1+2 {{{jack-7-a}}}
d+1+2 {{{jack-7-b}}}
Law db+3+4 {{{law-a}}}
Leroy db+1+2 {{{leroy-a}}}
Lucky Chloe
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4
  • BT.f+3+4,3+4,3+4
  • d+4,2:1+2
  • qcf+2
Xiaoyu BT.3 {{{xiaoyu-a}}}
BT.f+3+4,3+4 {{{xiaoyu-b}}}
AOP.4~3 {{{xiaoyu-c}}}

Enemy Move Damage Frames
-10 1,2[1] 15 +7
-11 ws4[1] 18 +6
Back-turned opponent
-10 1,2,3[1] 40 +10a (+1)
Grounded opponent
-16 d+3[1] 9 -3a (-11)
Whiff punishers
Move Speed Range Damage Risk Hitbox
1,2[1] i10 2.00 15 -1 High[2]
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Moved from overview

10f 1, d+2 hm A high mid string with the option to end in RDS.

12f f+1+2 m Wallsplats with decent range. Dash into Hypnotist afterwards to punish get up options. Unparryable by conventional means due to it being a shoulder.

13~15f b+4, 4 mh Wallsplats, beware second hit is high. Tracks to her right. Also has terrible range. Has trouble punishing a lot of -13 hopkicks due to pushback.

14f 3 h Long range launcher.

15f d/f+2~1 mm Launcher with decent range.

16f u/f+3+4 mmm Wallsplats, crushes lows.

22f u/b+3+4 m Decent launcher for fancier combos.

WS Punishers

11f ws+4 m Xiaoyu’s ws+4 is one of the better ones in the game considering it knocks down and has pushback. It hits grounded when offaxis and guarantees a d+4 when hit near a wall.

13f ws+1,4 m, m Very low range punisher mid wallsplatting.

16f FC u/f+3 m Standard hopkick launcher which as an u/f input, can be done out of crouch.

22f ws+2* m This is a slower version of her ws+2 which launches on normal hit with the option to go into front facing.

22f u/b+3+4 m Decent launcher for fancier combos.

Whiff Punishers

14f 3 15f d/f+2~1 16f u/f+3+4