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Wavu Wiki is a game guide for Tekken 7 that anyone can edit. Contributing is as easy as just doing it.

Make sure you're familiar with the notation, as it's used extensively throughout the wiki. If you're a Tekken newbie, check out the tutorial.

This is not the only wiki for Tekken. There is also—


See Tekken Library's Season 4 Spreadsheet if you need help right now—the character pages are still a big work in progress, with Lee being the only comprehensive one.


  • Controls (what do my buttons do, basic movement)
  • Notation (what do e.g. d/f+1,2 and b+2,f~n and ws2,3 mean)
  • Jargon (what do terms like "eat" and "turn" mean)
  • Guard (how does guarding work, hit levels, neutral guard vs b guard, guard break)
  • Crouch (FC, ws, iws, crouching levels, force crouch, crouch cancel)
  • Run (wr, iwr, f,f, ultimate tackle, armored shoulder, running slide)
  • Jump (how does it work, generic options, list of chars with exceptions or unique options)
  • Wake-up (grounded states, get-up kicks, side/front roll, up/back stand)
  • Back turned (how long does turning take, generic back-turn options, how does back-turn pushback work, list of chars with unique options)
  • Tech recovery (tech roll/quick recovery, other situations where you can tech out of a knockdown)
  • Rage (what is Rage, how does it work, Rage Art/Rage Drive, list of all Rage moves)
  • Combo (what's a juggle, how does pushback work, what are spikes and screws, on-land combos, etc.)
  • Wall (how do wall splats, wall slump, wall bounces work)
  • Stage break (how floor, balcony, wall breaks work)
  • Backdash (basically this page)
  • Sidestep (some page similar to the above with actual data comparing the sidestep of the cast)
  • Input buffer (what is it, how big is it, when can't it be used)

Move properties

  • Attack Properties
  • Health & Damage (how damage scaling and rounding works, how much HP everyone has, moves that heal)
  • Throw (generic throws, command throws, chain throws, throw breaks, hands rule and its exceptions)
  • Parry (reversal, sabaki, low parry, list of chars with parries, chicken)
  • Tracking (what is it, difference between real tracking and big hitboxes or hitboxes off to a particular side, whats homing)




  • Movement (what do you actually use sidestep, backdash, and kbd for)
  • Approach (how do I get in and stop the other guy from getting in)
  • Poke (how do I stop them from doing stuff)
  • Mixup (how do I get big damage when they're not doing stuff)
  • Okizeme (what is this word, how do I handle wake-up situations)

Reference Material