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Back Turned (BT)

Back Turned is a generic stance, which all characters can be subjected to through various means, and some characters can manually enter.

Properties of Back Turned
While Back Turned one can not guard as one normally could and your list of possible actions is severely limited to the generic Back Turned moves and whichever character-specific BT moves your character may have in their move list.

Generic moves in Back Turned
  • BT 1_2 - 8f high, -8 / +3 / +3 15dmg
  • BT 3_4 - 10f high, -8 / KND W! / KND W! 18dmg
  • BT d+1_2 - 10f special mid -2 / +9 / +9 10dmg
  • BT d+3_4 - 10f low, -11 / +3 / +3 12dmg
  • BT u/f+3_4 - 15f mid, -11? / Launch / Launch

Recovering into standing guard from Back Turned
  • 6 frames to turn and block with f,B (Raven BT b+3+4,B. Ling BT/RDS u/b~B)
  • 6 frames to turn and block by holding forward - this lasts for 18(?) frames until you have to again hold back to continue blocking.
  • 7 frames to turn and block with holding back
  • 9 frames to turn and block with db,B - this enters crouch state on frame 1 and thus high crushes.

Turning around through actions
Moves and throws can be used to force the opponent into Back Turned, and some moves recover the player Back Turned.

Moves that force back turned on the opponent
  • Lucky Chloe d/f+1+2 throw

Moves that recover back turned
  • Law b+4~b, b+3~b, 2,b2~b
  • Lili ff4~b, b+2,1~b, d/f+2~b

Characters that can manually enter Back Turned
  • Feng (b+3~4)
  • Hwoarang (1+2, has both generic BT and Right Foot Forward BT ((RFF BT))
  • Kunimitsu (b+3+4)
  • Lei (b+3+4)
  • Lili (b+3+4)
  • Lucky Chloe (3+4)
  • Master Raven (b+3+4)
  • Xiaoyu (b+3+4, called Rain Dance Stance (RDS))
  • Yoshimitsu (b+3+4, called Meditation (MED))

Examples of setups to get enemy Back Turned

Generally all characters have a way of using the wall to setup a "tech trap" in which you can make it hard or impossible for the enemy to block your next move.

  • Wall ender with some quick recovering move into U/F, jump over enemy into BT d+1_2 in their back, generally guaranteeing a 14- frame or faster move starting from the Full Crouch state into their back unless they already turned to face you before the BT d+1 hit them (usually by attacking or doing a throw).
  • Wall ender with some quick recovering move into U/F+3_4 which depending on your timing can hit their front or back, thus making it very hard or impossible to guard in the correct direction.