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Damage is, simply put, the amount of health that is subtracted from the defender when an attack connects. The amount of damage a given move may do is influenced by the scaling of the combo as well as if the move was a counter hit or not.

Recoverable Health

In Tekken 8, certain types of damage will leave an amount of health within a white outline, sometimes referred to as white or grey health. This type of health allows a player to replenish a small amount of it back into regular health by causing their opponent to block or get hit by their moves.

  • Single hits will not grant an opponent any recoverable health, such as when landing a stray low or a throw.
  • Juggle combos will often leave the opponent with a large amount of recoverable health, possibly with a larger percent being recoverable based on the combo's scaling.
  • Many stage breaks along with most parries will deal completely recoverable damage rather than only a portion of it.
  • Landing a Heat Engager will replenish a large amount of recoverable health, up to a certain limit.
  • Rage Arts along with rare character specific options will remove all of an opponent's recoverable health on hit.

Chip Damage

Another new addition in Tekken 8 is the plethora of moves that deal damage to a defender even while they're blocking.

  • All chip damage is dealt as recoverable health.
  • Chip damage cannot KO.