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A backdash cancel (bdc, also known as korean backdash or kbd) is a technique for moving backwards quickly.


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Without being cancelled, a backdash must completely finish before another backdash can be done, which makes it difficult to create much space between the opponent. Thus, the backdash cancel is an essential technique for any Tekken player to learn.

However, the value of the technique is in how it is applied to an already comprehensive game plan. For beginners without a solid grasp of their own moves, a bit of extra backwards movement is not very useful.


The input for a backdash cancel naturally begins with a backdash, b,b (i.e, b,n,b). From here, every extra backdash can be done with db,b,n,b, with the db being the cancel into crouch.

It's also possible to cancel with a sidestep (u~n or b~n), but this is both slower and breaks your guard during the sidestep so is not recommended.


While the input to be done is simple, the way to perform it quickly and precisely can be quite complicated and depends on the input device being used.


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Move stick to B, release to n, move to b, move to d/b, release to n, move to b, move to d/b and repeat. With the stick due to how most (square-gated) sticks operate, releasing the db to n creates a b input as it travels through b connector to reach n. This makes it so you can move stick from db to n to b to db for the backdash cancels.


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Wiggle ur thumb.


With SOCD cleaning
  1. Tap b
  2. Press and hold b, then
    1. Tap d (db,b)
    2. Tap f (n,b)
Without SOCD cleaning
  1. Tap b
  2. Press and hold b, then
    1. Tap d (db,b)
    2. Release b (n)
    3. Press and hold b (b)

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