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A state is something which alters the way in which the player is hit by attacks.


A crush is a state which makes certain types of moves unable to hit. The most common of these are high crush and low crush, which behave as you'd expect. There is no mid crush state.

Crushes are distinct from evasion, which is when a move has hurtboxes somewhere that the opponent's hitboxes might not connect.

Some players believe that crushes cause the opponent's hitboxes to disappear, mostly because that's how TekkenOverlay visualizes this interaction. But the precise way crushes are implemented is that the hitbox collision detection function isn't run if the defending player is in the appropriate crush. (This distinction isn't important to players in practice, but it's a fun bit of trivia.)

List of states

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  • Intangible – Nothing can hit. (Example: early frames of a [[tech roll], Eliza's EX.dp+1+2.)
  • High crush – Highs can't hit.
  • Low crush – Lows can't hit. (Always implies airborne.)
  • Airborne (or floating) – Attacks cause the player to float.
    • It's possible to be airborne but not low crushing. This occurs in the later stages of many jumping moves—most notably slides—as well as whenever someone is being juggled.
  • Powercrush – Highs and mids are absorbed, but still deal damage.
  • Parry state – Specific types of moves are absorbed.
  • Rage armor – All attacks are absorbed.
  • Armor – Damage taken is reduced.