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Key techniques
  • Instant Divekicks
  • Special cancel
  • Dash Jabs
Stances MG (Moon Glide) – f+4
Fastest launch
  • i10 – 1,dp+2, qcf,qcf+1+2 (meter)
  • i14 – 2,2,dp+2 qcf,qcf+1+2 (meter)
  • i15 – b+4,dp+1 (standing)
  • i16 – df+2,3 (standing)
  • i10 – d+1,dp+2, qcf,qcf+1+2 (meter)
  • i14 – ws1,dp+1 (crouching)
  • i15 – ws3 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i10 – 1,dp+1 (high)
  • i13 – 4 (high)
  • i14 – b+1,2 (mid)
Fastest wall splat
  • i10 – 1,qcb+1+2 (high, meter)
  • i13 – 4 (high)
  • i13 – 1+2 (mid)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • i12 – df+4 (standing)
  • i13 – df+1 (standing)
  • i11 – ws4 (crouching)
Snake edge 3+4
Shadow cutter d+4
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
  • d+4
  • uf,n,4
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Lore Eliza

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Eliza is an original Tekken character inspired by 2D fighters with mechanics such as fireballs, special cancels, frame 1 invincible attacks, and floaty jumps with real jump ins. The only other characters with similar mechanics are the guest characters Akuma and Geese.

Her instant divekick pressure and combo filler is notoriously difficult, requiring a well-timed tiger knee input (qcb,u,4). However, with this she unlocks both extraordinary wall carry and wall pressure.

Her pressure outside of the wall is extremely loose, with most moves having mediocre range and d+3 needing a very close clean hit to combo with a special cancel. She relies mostly on getting a good counter hit in neutral and converting that into strong wall pressure.

  • Meter. Having even one bar of meter will get you out of many mix-up situations.
  • Strong block punishment. With full meter, she can launch from a jab.
  • Scary wall mix-ups.
  • Well-rested.
  • Demanding execution.
  • Extremely risky lows. All of her lows are launch punishable by most. Though d+3 can be cancelled into extensions for cover.
  • d+3 clean hit can be inconsistent.
  • Struggles against turtles.
  • Sleeps on the job.
Instant divekick