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Gigas is mostly known for his long reaching moves and great damage.

He has good tools to mantain pressure like his Goliath stance, long reaching jab, and approaching moves. Because of his range he can also be played more defensively with keepout and whiff punishment if necessary. Gigas is also great at bringing opponents to the wall as some of his moves have great pushback on block. There, he gets scarier as his Goliath mixups and Overkill command throw can cause big damage if his opponent guesses wrong. His Enraged Howl power crush is also really unique, allowing him to punish and even launch safe moves with big recovery frames if used properly.

While his whiff punishment is great his block punishment is mixed, having some of the best standing 10f and 15f punishers in the game but lacking in other punishment situations. He also has some very pronounced weaknesses as his overall movement is very bad (making it more difficult to avoid pressure and create space), has no panic moves aside from down jabs and has a big hitbox. While his Overkill command grab is one of the most damaging grabs in the game he has no other command grabs to mixup it up, making his grab game subpar.

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