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Key techniques
  • Hit Confirm df+1+2,1
  • Hit Confirm f+2~1
  • Counter Hit Confirm 1 jab
  • iFC.df+2
  • TCH (Tachiai) – 3+4
  • SIT – d+3+4
Fastest launch
  • i14 – f,f+1+2 (high) (theoretical)
  • i16 – df+2 (mid)
  • i14 – FC.df+2 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i14 – TCH.2 (high) (stance)
  • i19 – 1+2 (mid)
  • i21 – d+4 (low)
Fastest wall splat
  • i10 – b+1+2 (high)
  • i13 – TCH.4,1 (mid) (stance)
  • i20 – df+1+2,1 (mid)
  • b+1+3 (high or mid punches)
  • TCH.df+1+2 (lows)
  • SIT d, f (high or mid hit)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • df+1 (i13, standing)
  • ws4 (i11, crouching)
Stature kick df+3
Power low
  • df+2+3
  • R.df+1+4
Snake edge db+2
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+4 → db+4
  • 1 (i12, +3)
  • d+2
  • uf,n,4
External links
Lore Ganryu
Discord [1]

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Ganryu is a momentum-heavy, sticky poking character with a few spicy gimmicks thrown in on top. He's the master of making the opponent second-guess whether it's their turn to attack, and he's great at taking advantage of hesitation with strong pokes and powerful mid-low-mixups. His excellent set of plus frame moves on hit and block, his amount of delayable strings, as well as how a lot of his moves move him forward, means he can really stick to you on offense and take entire rounds off of sheer momentum, while his safety on block means he's not really taking much risk. He also has an excellent full-crouch game and a terrifying wall game, making him even better at opening people up. He's quite unique in that he doesn't have an i10 jab, which greatly alters how he plays on defense and with punishment. This makes him prone to counter hits when he's not on the offense, forcing the player to have good defense to play him well and pick their spots for when to push buttons.

  • Excellent set of close range pokes and strings
  • one of the best sets of lows in the game
  • top notch close range mixups
  • great full crouch game
  • amazing wall game
  • core tools are quite safe on block
  • combos against backturned opponents hurt like hell
  • top notch WS punishment
  • great okizeme
  • has several evasive tools with big rewards
  • very uncommonly played character, so fewer people know the matchup inside out
  • lacks an i10 jab
  • prone to getting counter hit due to a lot of core moves being relatively slow
  • subpar whiff punishment, particularly against moves that end in crouch
  • weak standing punishment aside from his i10 wall splat and potential fast ff1+2
  • a lot of core moves are kinda stubby, so he relies on being up close
  • aside from his unsafe i10 headbutt, lacks fast, rewarding CH tools
  • his rage drive is not very good due to it being reactable