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Stances SAV (Savage Stance) – 3+4
Fastest launch
  • i15 – uf+4 (standing)
  • i14 – ws2,2_4 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i11 – b+1
  • i15 – SAV.4 (during stance, high)
  • i15 – SAV.uf+3 (during stance, mid)
Fastest wall splat i12 – f+2,1
Sabaki SAV.b+2 (high/mid punches)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • df+1 (standing)
  • ws1 (crouching)
  • ws4 (crouching)
Hopkick uf+4
Stature kick
  • db+3
  • db+4
  • SAV.db+3
Snake edge SAV.db+4
Generic moves
Remapped d+4 → db+3+4
Missing d+2
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Miguel, the angry Spaniard, is a close-range brawler that likes to get in his opponent's face and pressure them with effective pokes and mix-ups from his Savage Stance. He was first introduced in Tekken 6 and has returned in every installment.

He is a solid character with decent tracking, combo damage, counter hit tools, okizeme, pressure, and exceptional movement. Despite this, he struggles with long-range punishes and lacks moves with built-in evasion, with the exception of b, f+1. Miguel wants to be either right in front of the opponent or dancing just out of range to whiff punish with his good hopkick or f+4,2.

NOTE: Everyone likes to joke around with the fact that Miguel has T-Rex arms. This is due to the frustration players feel when Miguel can barely hit someone who's right in front of him with a generic 1 or 2 jab. He has high jabs, kind of the opposite of Kazumi's jabs. The only range issues he has are with 2 (for i11 punisher 2,1) and d+1 (duck jab).

Many speculate that Namco personally prefers Miguel having short range with his generic jabs as they want to re-enforce the idea of Miguel being close-up and in your face.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • An angry latino
  • Wonderful counter hits (b+1, SAV.uf+3)
  • Irritating lows with decent range (d+3, db+3, d+4)
  • Great backdash
  • Powerful mids in Savage Stance (use SAV.2 alot 😌)
  • Great mix-up potential
  • Being handsome 😎
  • An angry latino WITHOUT the chancla (Harada pls add him in Tekken 8 or I will come to Bandai Namco headquarters and ewgf everything)
  • Short range on jabs
  • Dealing with turtles
  • Long-range punishment
  • Minor hitbox issues with some moves like db+2 and df+2,1

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