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Key techniques
  • Crouch dash
Stances {{{stances}}}
Fastest launch
  • i15 – d/f+2, u/f+4 (standing)
  • i13 – WS+2,1 (crouching)
Fastest CH launch
  • i12 – 4 (high)
Fastest wall splat
  • i11 – b+1,1 (high)
  • i12 – f+2,4 (high)
Parry 1+2 (right punches only, usable vs. certain strings)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • i11 – cd+4 or WS+4
  • i13 – 3 (mid)
  • i14 – d/f+4 (mid, goes into SWS)
Hopkick u/f+4 – (i15)
Orbital u/f+3 – (i28)
Generic moves
Remapped none
Missing (none)
External links
Lore Josie Rizal
Discord [1]
Active players
  • Kagemaru

Josie is an unorthodox character with powerful space control, punishment and counterhits. However, she has no standard d/f+1 and mediocre frames outside of her Switch stance, which she relies on heavily for poking. Until Season 4 her threatening lows were gated behind FC and CD, but she now has a War Drums.


  • Excellent CH capability, from her homing moves and lows to dedicated CH tools like an i12 magic 4 and her jab strings. CH-confirm capability extends this to her basic i13 and i14 mid pokes.
  • i13 WS launcher, powerful i14 standing punish that gives a minicombo, only WS4 is less than stellar punishment-wise. Pushback punishment isn't spectacularly rewarding, but is extremely easy and consistent.
  • Excellent d/f+2 with high evasion, and solid hopkick, as well as a high crush CH launcher mid.
  • Long range on standard pokes, and threatening long range mix-up with CD.
  • Good amount of knees and elbows to beat parries, and in general kills mashers, since Switch stance forces quick defensive decisions and she has many strings.


  • i13 mid poke has pretty bad frames outside of its string followups, and i14 mid poke forces Switch.
  • Threatening lows require setup, encouraging her to counter-hit for respect.
  • i13 WS launcher requires execution, and Josie generally benefits from sharp hitconfirming.
  • While Switch stance can be explosive with correct reads, it can also quickly get you blown up with incorrect ones.