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Josie combos

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Niche Combo Situations
Situation **************Combo************** Notes
Run-up wallsplat after a combo 1 db4,2,delayed3 The combo scaling makes starting the wall combo with a 1 jab the same damage as starting with 2 jab. The jab is much easier to run up and connect at the wall so there's no reason to use 2 jab in that situation.
Single Hit Float (jab, f1+2, f3 ect.) f3 1,2,4f1,3 S! df1,2f3 You can get more depending on what your first hit was, but this combo will not let you down.
Two Hit Float f3 3,3 S! f2,3,3
Single Hit Float into SWS (df4, CH{2},4) SWS~f1 f2,3,5 S! f2,3,3
Two Hit float into SWS (2,4) SWS~f1 3,3 S! f2,3,3
CH CD3 near the wall UF3+4 W! UF3+4 is 1 less damage than fc df4, but in exchange it can wallsplat. If the uf3+4 hits as a wall combo you can't get anything guaranteed if they tech, but you're extremely plus. If they don't tech a second uf3+4 is guaranteed.
CH CD3 near a wall/balcony break uf3+4 WB! f1+2 3,2f1,3 S! df1,2f1,3 Be aware of the wall. You can make it to the next wall on every stage but Duomo Di Sirio. You can still get the full 2 db4,2,3 wall combo, but don't delay the last hit. Just mash the whole thing out and you'll get your low wall hit.
Rage Drive on an airborne opponent Delayed 3+4 S! f3 1,2,4f3 You have to wait a moment before hitting the 3+4 as the rage drive sends them extremely high. You have a ton of time recognize they were hit airborne and get ready for the 3+4, so don't panic.

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