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Bread n' butter

Bread n' butter combos are juggles that:

  • Work on as many different launchers as possible
  • Work on all body sizes

Launchers that require unique combos go straight to § Staples.

Regular launch (e.g. ws2)
df+2~2,3 df+4,3 S! b+3,4,qcf+1+2
Crouching recovery (e.g. CH FUFT.3)
ws4 df+2~2 df+4,3 S! b+3,4,qcf+1+2
Instant screw (e.g. R.f,F+2+3)
db+3+4 df+2 CFT.2,3,1


[30] CH CFT.1+2
[27] CH CFT.1
[+22] FC.df+2[1]
[32] df+3~1,2
[25] HAE.1+2
[+22] f,f FC.df+2[1]
[+20] f,f db+1+2
[30] CH CFT.1+2
[27] CH CFT.1
[24] wr1
[20] (df+3),4
[+20] df+3+4[2]
[42] db+3+4,P.​1
[30] CH CFT.1+2
[32] df+3~1,2
[27] CH CFT.1
[25] HAE.1+2
[24] wr1
[20] (df+3),4
[+18] f,F+1+2
[+16] f,F+3
[+16] f,F+2
[20] CH df+2
[+20] CFT.1+2[3]
[+18] CFT.1
[+17] CFT.n,f~2
[24] CH uf+3
[21] CH SS.2
[20] CFO.4
[+21] OTG.d+2
[26] R.TAW.4,2
[+21] OTG.d+2
[18] CH (1,2),4
[+35][4] d+1 OTG.d+2
[+21] f,F OTG.d+2
[+16] f,F+3
[12] CH (b+3),1
[0] HAE.1+2 (on block)
[+!!!] R.f,F+2+3
[+38] f+1+2,3,2,1
[20] CH db+4
[+21][4] OTG.d+2
[+16] f,F+3
[10] CL (d+3,4),4
[10] CL (b+4),4
[10] CL CFT.4
[+21][4] OTG.d+2
[+16] f,F+3[5]
  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 Instant FC.df+2 is done by holding DF for 11 frames, then pressing 2. For CH CFT.1 it's a 3 frame window, and for CH CFT.1+2 it's a 2 frame window. You get an extra frame if the opponent doesn't tech roll right. After df+3,4 and wr1, it can't hit vs tech right, but vs tech left there's a 1 frame window. After HAE.1+2 and df+3~1,2, there's a more generous window but a dash first is needed.
  2. ↑ After wr1 at tip range, df+3+4 can whiff.
  3. ↑ CFT.1+2 can whiff if CH df+2 hits far away. This can in most cases be avoided by delaying CFT.1+2.
  4. ↑ 4.0 4.1 4.2 At the wall.
  5. ↑ 4 less damage than finishing the string but gives better oki and can launch a greedy opponent.


Staple combos are juggles that:

  • Can be done consistently by a skilled player
  • Either work on all body sizes, or the characters it does work on are comprehensively listed
  • Are not strictly worse than another combo listed in terms of difficulty, damage, wall carry, and oki

Lidia's main two enders have verbose inputs so they are often shortened for brevity:

  • blossom → d,df,f+2,2,b,f,f+1+2
  • bab → b+3,4,d,df,f+1+2

Any combo where a blossom ender is possible after a screw, a bab ender is also possible. The bab ender is easier, does 4 less damage, and gives a better wall splat but with less carry. For these combos, the bab ender combo is not listed and instead implied.

Blossom enders after a screw on the 5th juggle hit can be difficult and take a lot of practice. Without a precise dash and fast qcf, it's easy for any of the first, second, or last hits to whiff. It's easier when using df+4,3 (or 4,3) for the screw, but it's still challenging.

Combos using TAW.2 omit the stance transitions for brevity, which are b+3+4 (to enter CFT) and CFT.n,f (to enter TAW).

[63] TAW.2 f,F+4[1] blossom
[60] TAW.2 df+1 blossom
[60][2] TAW.2 f,F+4[1] 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[57] TAW.2 <2 f,f 1 bab
[57][3] TAW.2 blossom
[56][2] TAW.2 <2 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[55] TAW.2 1 f,f 1 bab
[55] TAW.2 <2 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,3[4]
[54][2] TAW.2 1 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[53] TAW.2 1 f,f 1 f,f 1,2,3
[52] TAW.2 b+2,3 df+2~n,f
[21] f,F+3
[15] ws2
[+54] df+2~2,3 df+2~3 S! blossom
[+48] b+2,3 f,F+4 1 f,f df+4,3 S! df+4,2
[+48] f,F+4 1 f,F+4 1 f,f df+4,3 S! df+4,2
[+46][5] b+4 S! df+4~4 blossom
[+45] b+2,3 1 ssl 1 f,f df+4,3 S! bab
[+45] b+2,3 1 ssl 1,2,3 S! bab
[+45] df+2~2,3 f+4,3,4 S! df+2~n,f
[27] CH TAW.4
[27] df+4~4
[25] uf,n,4
[24] CH CFO.4
[20] (1,2,4),4
[17] BT.uf+4
[0] low parry
[+59] db+3+4 f,F+2~2 df+2[6][7] CFT.3 S! blossom
[+57] db+3+4 df+2~2 df+2[6] CFT.3 S! blossom
[+56] db+3+4 df+2~2 df+4,3 S! blossom
[30] 1+2*
[24] 3:2
[22] 3,2
[20] CH CFO.2
[20] CH (1),1
[20] CH (b+2),3
[20] CH (df+1),3
[17] HAE.1
[+60] TAW.2 f,F+2~2 df+2[6] CFT.3 S! blossom
[+58] ssr[8] TAW.2 db+3+4 f+2 df+2~3[9] S! blossom
[+58] TAW.2 df+2~2 df+2[6] CFT.3 S! blossom
[+57] TAW.2 df+2~2 df+4,3 S! blossom
[+57] TAW.2 b+2,3 4,3 S! blossom
[30] R.f,F+2+3
[28] CFO.3
[27] CH CFT.3
[27] CH (f+4,3),4
[+45] df+1+2 b+2,3 blossom
[+42][2] df+1+2 b+2,3 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[+40][10] df+1+2 b+2,3 1 f,f df+4,2
[+40][5] df+4~4 blossom
CH 4,2
[72] f,F+2~2 df+2[6] CFT.3 S! blossom
[70] df+2~2 df+2[6] CFT.3 S! blossom
[69] df+2~2 df+4,3 S! blossom
[66] f,F+4 2 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,3 S! df+4,2
[65] f,F+4 1 ssl 1 f,f 1,(2),3 S! bab
[65] b+2,3 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,3 S! df+4,2
[61] b+2,3 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,3 S! b+3,1
[60] 2 ssl 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,3 S! bab
CH 4,3
[69] df+4~4 b+1+2 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[68] b+3,4 blossom[9][11]
[68] df+4~4 blossom
[67] df+4~4 b+1+2 1 f,f df+4,2
[66] db+3+4 2 f,f 1 bab
[66] db+3+4 1 blossom
[65] df+4~4 b+1+2 df+4,2
[64] db+3+4 2 bab
[64] <b+2,3 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[63] db+3+4 1 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f df+4,2
[61] df+1+2 b+2,3 df+2~n,f
CH (TAW.3),1
[72] f,f d+3,1 db+3+4 df+2~3 S! blossom
  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 2 frames to input F+4, so perfect timing required.
  2. ↑ 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Most wall carry.
  3. ↑ Most consistent when off-axis.
  4. ↑ Easier than df+4,2 ender but less carry and worse splat.
  5. ↑ 5.0 5.1 Compact wall carry.
  6. ↑ 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 Only works against Katarina, Leo, Lidia, Lili, Nina, Master Raven and males excluding Akuma, Lee, Lei, Leroy, Yoshimitsu.
  7. ↑ Whiffs after CH TAW.4 because the opponent is slightly off-axis. Can address this with a sidestep right before db+3+4.
  8. ↑ Against large males (Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Dragunov, Eddy, Feng, Geese, Heihachi, King, Miguel, Negan, Paul, Shaheen, Steve) and heavy males (Jack-7, Gigas, Marduk), the db+3+4 will whiff unless you are slightly off-axis to the right. The amount of time there is to ssr depends on the launcher. The full «b+3+4~n,f~2» sequence takes 54 frames. 3:2 has the most time being +66a. «CH CFO.2» and «CH (b+2),3» are +62a and HAE.1 and «CH (1),1» are +60a. CH (df+1),3 is +58a and 1+2* is +57a which isn't enough time (more than 4 frames of sidestep are required).
  9. ↑ 9.0 9.1 Doesn't work against Kuma/Panda.
  10. ↑ More carry than blossom ender.
  11. ↑ Whiffs if off-axis to the left.

df+2 ender

This was written prior to Version 5.00 and needs to be updated.

Ending combos with df+2 gives strong okizeme since TAW.2 and TAW.4 both hit grounded, every option except TAW.1 tracks tech rolls, and TAW.4 can't be low parried.

The trick is that you have to delay the attacks differently to keep it tight and beat both toe kicks and tech rolls. TAW.2 must be delayed 7 frames, TAW.3,1 delayed 5 frames, and TAW.2 delayed 7 frames.

Lidia oki after ending a combo with df+2 in open ground.

1,db and 1,b are tech right into guard.

TAW.1 not considered since it whiffs to tech right and B. It does have the upside of not needing a delay and best reward on block/hit, but whiffing makes it clearly non-credible.

All P1 options must be delayed to match the timing of TAW.1 so that they don't whiff to tech roll.

There's a 1 frame window for P1 to manage this while also trading with d+3. However, the toe kick can't be buffered, so most defenders won't get this out at the fastest timing, so this outcome is generally (but not always) in Lidia's favor.

For TAW.2 it's a 2 frame window due to its 2 active frames, and with perfect timing it both connects with tech roll and gets a counter hit vs d+3.

Outcomes for d+3 are for perfect input by both players, which isn't realistic, but is best outcome P2 can expect and is still non-credible. It beats TAW.3 in some matchups because the latter whiffs if (and only if) the active frames collide.

TAW.3,1 vs n assumes Lidia can't react to stop the 1 in time, so P2 gets a free spring kick whiff punish.


Nash equilibrium with payoff 10.98


Payoff for dominated options



Regular carry (30% scaling)
[+24] blossom (delay last hit)
[+18] bab (delay last hit)
[+19] f+1+2,3,2,1
[+17] 3:2 f,F+2
[+15] 3:2 df+2
[+15] f+4,3,1
[+14] d+3,1 f,F+2
[+12] d+3,1 df+2
CH df+2~n
[+30] blossom (delay last hit)
[+26] bab (delay last hit)
[+22] 3:2 f,F+2
[+20] 3:2 df+2
[+20] f+1+2,3,2,1
[+32] 2 blossom[1] (no delay)
[+30] blossom (delay last hit)
CH df+2
[+24] CFT.2,3,1
[+38] ss db+3+4 W! blossom (no delay)
[+39] b+4 blossom (delay last hit)
[+35] b+4 bab (delay last hit)
[+36] 4 blossom (delay last hit)
[+32] 4 bab (delay last hit)
ws1,4 (near wall)
[+41~] R.d+1+2
ws1,4 (near wall)
b+1+3,P.2,1:2 (near wall)
[+32] blossom (delay last hit)
[+21] R.f,F+2+3
[+21] d+3,1 f,F+2
[+19] d+3,1 df+2
[+14] f,F+2
[+14] d+1
  1. ↑ Doesn't work vs Kuma/Panda, Marduk, or Gigas


combo when you anti-air with jab here

Back-turned opponent

[45] 1,2,4,4[1]
[+42] d+3,1 df+4,3 S! f+4,3,4
[21] f,F+3[2]
[+46] b+3,1 df+4,3 S! blossom
[+43] b+3,1 df+4,3 S! f+4,3,4
[+40] b+4 S! b+1+2 blossom
[+34] b+3,1 df+4,3 S! f,F+2~n,f
[+33] b+3,1 df+4,3 S! df+2~n,f
[20] f,F+2
[+17] CFO.2
[17] df+2
[+25] CFT.1+2
  1. ↑ Not actually guaranteed in the back. Opponent can turn around on 3rd hit with an attack and then duck the 4th hit.
  2. ↑ If you do f,F+3 vs BT wake-up, it's hard to confirm if the launch is BT or not. Doing b+3,1 routes allows b+3,1 db+3+4 db+4,3 S! if they aren't BT while still working when they are.

Stage break

Forgotten Realm (mid screen)
[70] uf+4 S! TAW.2 f+4,3,1 F! d+1 f,F+3[1]
[61] uf+4 S! TAW.2 f+4,3,1 F! <f+2,4[2]
Forgotten Realm (regular carry)
[+34] W! f+4,3,1 F! D~ws4,2[3] W! f+1+2,3,2,1 【Non smalls 】
[+33] W! f+4,3,1 F! 4 W! f+1+2,3,2,1 【Non-bears 】
[+29] W! f+4,3,1 F! f~d+1 f,F+3 【Bears 】
Howard Estate
big boy break all the walls combo here
  1. ↑ Need small dash with f,F+3. Can also dash a bit before the d+1, but have less time vs smalls.
  2. ↑ Flips over for regular wall splat. Not much point doing this when e.g. uf+4 S! TAW.2 1 1 bab W! f+4,3,1 F! 4 W! f+1+2,3,2,1 has same carry with much more damage.
  3. ↑ Doesn't work if off-axis to the left, i.e. angle at round start.


Extra combos are juggles that are:

  • Strictly worse than one of the § Staples; or
  • Too inconsistent to be a staple; or
  • Joke combos for style points.
[21] f,F+3
[15] ws2
[+59] f,F+4 f,F+2[1] CFO.2 df+2~3 S! blossom
[+57] f,F+4 df+2[1] CFT.2 df+2~3 S! blossom
[+56] f,F+4 df+2[1] CFT.2 df+4,3 S! blossom
[30] R.f,F+2+3
[28] CFO.3
[27] CH CFT.3
[27] CH (f+4,3),4
[+47] df+4~4 1[2] f,F+4 blossom[3]
[+43] df+4~4 b+1+2[2] 2 bab
[+42] df+4~4 1[2] f,F+4 1 f,f df+4,2
  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 This can work on everyone, but the timing varies based on body size, making consistency hard. f,F+4 df+2 works only with ws2 and only when the f,F+4 is performed immediately.
  2. ↑ 2.0 2.1 2.2 If df+4~4 hits early, then 1 works but b+1+2 whiffs. If it hits late, then it's the opposite.
  3. ↑ Micro dash from the f,F+4 needed for blossom to connect.

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