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Heihachi combos

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Bread n' butter

Bread n' butter combos are juggles that:

  • Work on as many different launchers as possible
  • Work on all body sizes
  • Don't require difficult techniques specific to this character

Launchers that require unique combos go straight to § Staples.



Staple combos are juggles that:

  • Can be done consistently by a skilled player
  • Either work on all body sizes, or the characters it does work on are comprehensively listed
  • Are not strictly worse than another combo listed in terms of difficulty, damage, wall carry, and oki



Extra combos are juggles that:

  • Don't fit anywhere else
  • Maximize damage, wall carry, oki, or style points

If there are a lot of combos here using a specific difficult technique, they should go in their own section.

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