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Bread n' butter

Bread n' butter combos are juggles that:

  • Work on as many different launchers as possible
  • Work on all body sizes

Launchers that require unique combos go straight to § Staples.

Regular launch (e.g. uf+4)
f+3 S! f,F+4 b+3 f+2 b+4,2
Instant screw (e.g. CH f+3)
f,F+4 b+3 f+2 f+2 b+4,2



Staple combos are juggles that:

  • Can be done consistently by a skilled player
  • Either work on all body sizes, or the characters it does work on are comprehensively listed
  • Are not strictly worse than another combo listed in terms of difficulty, damage, wall carry, and oki
[13] uf+4
[22] CH df+2
[23] df+1,2
[25] uf,n,4
[26] CH uf+3
[30] STB.f+1+2,1+2
[38] (STB.b+4,3),2
[+50] f,F+4 b+3 df+3,2 b+4,1[1] S! wr2
[+45] f+3 S! f,F+4 b+3 f+2 b+4,2
[+43] f+3 S! f,F+4 b+3 f+2 uf+3+4
[66] b+3 2,1,2 S! STB.b+4,3,2
[29] CH 4,3
[+27] ssl f,F+4 b+3 f+2 b+4,2
[+25] ssl f,F+4 b+3 f+2 uf+3+4
[15] CH (4),3
[21] CH (b+4),1
[30] CH (2,1),2
[32] CH f+3
[+36] f,F+4 b+3 f+2 f+2 b+4,2
[+34] f,F+4 b+3 f+2 f+2 uf+3+4
[28] STB.d+2,2
[27] CH db+3
[+44] ws1 b+3 df+3,2 b+4,1[1] S! wr2
[+41] ws1 b+3 f+2 f+2 f+3 S! wr2
  1. 1.0 1.1 Doesn't work vs Kuma/Panda


Combo for df+2 with rage here


[+58] b+2 1 f,F+4 b+3 STB.d+1,2 S! wr2


Regular carry (30% scaling)
[21] df+3,2 d+1+2[1]
[19] df+3,2 df+3,1
  1. Side switches vs Gigas, Jack-7, Kuma/Panda, and Marduk, losing wall position.


combo when you anti-air with jab here

Back-turned opponent

combo when you hit df+2 in the back

Stage break

Howard Estate
big boy break all the walls combo here


Extra combos are juggles that are:

  • Strictly worse than one of the § Staples; or
  • Too inconsistent to be a staple; or
  • Joke combos for style points.

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