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Yoshimitsu combos

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Bread n' butter

Bread n' butter combos are juggles that:

  • Work on as many different launchers as possible
  • Work on all body sizes

Launchers that require unique combos go straight to ยง Staples.

Launcher type Example(s) Combo
  • uf+3
  • df+2
f,n,d,df+2 S! d/f+1 2 b+2,1+2 KIN.b+2,1
  • 1+4
  • CH (d+2),2
  • CH SS.4
d+2,2 df+1 d2,1 S! b+2,1
  • CH hFC.df+4
  • CH KIN.3
ws1,2 S! df+1 2 b+2,1
Instant Screw
  • CH f,n,d,df+2
  • CH KIN.f+2
  • CH (df+1),2
f,F+3,1+2 KIN.b+2,1 b+2,1


1SS.f,F+2:2[m 1]
hFC df+4
FDFA.u WS.4,1+2 KIN.b+2 f,n,d,df+2 S! qcf+1[m 2]
FLE.n FLE.1+2
CH KIN.f+1
CH (df+3),1
CH d+1
CH (1SS.1),1
CH BT d+1
1SS.f+1+2[m 3]
uf+4[m 3]
1SS f,n,d,df+1
CH 1SS (1,2),1
df+1+2 ws4 b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
f,n,d,df+2 S! d2,2 b2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2[m 4]
f,F d+1+2 FLE.n FLE.1+2 df+1,2 S! qcf+1
CH 1SS.db+1[m 5]
1SS.uf+1[m 6]
1SS.1+4[m 7]
CH b+1
NSS.1+4[m 8]
CH 2
NSS.1+4[m 9]
CH 1SS.1+2+3
1+2+3+4,โ€‹b,โ€‹n,โ€‹f,โ€‹n,โ€‹u,โ€‹n,โ€‹d+3+4(1)[m 10]
f,n,d,df+1[m 11]
NSS FC (DF+1),2
R.f,n,d,df+1+2[m 12]

  1. โ†‘ Only against Marduk (Who can escape it), Jack-7, Gigas, Fahkumram
  2. โ†‘ Only on shallow hit
  3. โ†‘ 3.0 3.1 Requires the wall
  4. โ†‘ Only against Kuma and Panda
  5. โ†‘ Character-dependent may require a wall to work
  6. โ†‘ Requires a hit on a crouching opponent in the corner
  7. โ†‘ +22a
  8. โ†‘ +29a
  9. โ†‘ character-dependent. Whiffs against some females. More consistent after SSL
  10. โ†‘ Only available vs Bryan
  11. โ†‘ +35a (+25a)
  12. โ†‘ +58a (+38a) See Rage Subsection


FC df+1
CH (d+2),2
CH (d+2,2),d+1
Low Parry
[46] d+2,2 2 d2,1 S! qcf+1[1][2]
[38] d+2,2 2 d2,1 S! b+2,1[3]
[58] <UF,4 d+2,2 df+1,2 S! qcf+1
[47] <UF,4 d+2,2 df+1,2 S! b+2,1
[49] f,n,d,df+1 df+1 b+2 f,n,d,df+2 S! qcf+1[4]
[43] f+3 S! d+2,2, b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[35] f+3 S! f+1 b+1 b+1 b+1 b+2,1
[49] f,n,d,df+1 df+1 b+2 f,n,d,df+2 S! qcf+1[4][5]
[43] f+3 S! df+1, 2, b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[35] f+3 S! f+1 b+1 b+1 b+1 b+2,1
[42] delay bt.4 f,n,d,df+2 S! df+1 b+2,1,1+2~KIN.f+2
[39] BT.2 S! df+1, 2, b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
Low Parry
[45] NSS.uf+3 1+4 f,n,d,df+2 S! f+3+4 FLE.2


Damage values are with max juggle scaling, without rage, and no breaks.
Regular splat[w 1]
[22] 1SS.1, 3~4u DGF.4
[16] 2,2 f,n,d,df+1[w 2]
[17] NSS.2,2 f+1+2
[16] 2,2,1+2 KIN.1+2
[15] NSS.f+3+4 1+4
Low splat[w 3]
[14] DB+3,3,3,3,3,3
[13] b+2>1[w 4]
[12] FLE.f,f FLE.f,f
[11] f,n,n,df+1[w 5]

High splat[w 6]
[26] 1SS.KIN f+2 3~4u DGF.4
[?] 1SS.f+3 1 3~4u DGF.4
[?] 2,2 2,2 f,n,d,df+1
[?] NSS.f+3 2,2 f+1+2

Very high splat
[34] 1SS f,F+4, BT.d+1+4[w 7]
Side splat
Reverse splat
Wall bounce
1SS f,n,d,d/f+1,1+2 KIN.f+2 1 3~4u DGF.4
1SS f,n,d,d/f+1,1+2 KIN.f+2 2,2 f,n,d,df+1
1SS 2,3 W! f+1 3~4u DGF.4
1SS 2,3 W! 2,2 f,n,d,df+1
vs Gigas, Jack, Marduk, Fahkumram
1SS f,F+2:2, BT.d+1
vs bears, Gigas, Marduk
[21] 1, df+1,2,DB+2,2,2,2,2 [w 8]
  1. โ†‘ Common after d2,2 or 3~4 in a juggle
  2. โ†‘ 14 damage in NSS
  3. โ†‘ Common after f+3+4 W! in a juggle
  4. โ†‘ Minimum delay; 9 damage in NSS
  5. โ†‘ 9 damage in NSS
  6. โ†‘ Possible after b+2,1 W! or KIN.b+2,1 W! in a juggle
  7. โ†‘ Deals 60 self-damage 1 frame afterward
  8. โ†‘ Can add one more DB+2 to add 2 damage but recover grounded


[45] d+2,2 df+1,2 S! 1SS.qcf+1
[35] df+1,2 S! b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[31] f,n,d,df+2 S! b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[46] 2 d+2,2 S! 1SS.qcf+1
[36] f,n,d,df+2 S! b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[48] DGF.2 DGF.4 S! f,F qcf+1
[40] DGF.4 S! b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2
[51] DGF.2 DGF.4 S! f,F qcf+1
[48] DGF.4 S! df+1 b+2,1,1+2 KIN.f+2

Back-turned opponent

uf+1 f,n,d,df+1 is guaranteed vs airborne, backturned opponents. f,n,d,df+1 will launch if the opponent attempts to stand up.

[63] d+2,2 df+1,2 S! uf+1 f,n,d,df+1 [bt 1]
[57] b+1 2 df+1,2 S! uf+1 f,n,d,df+1
[85] ,1+2 <KIN.b+2,1 df+1,2 S! uf+1 f,n,d,df+1
[76] df+1,2 S! uf+1 f,n,d,df+1
  1. โ†‘ d+2,2 whiffs up close

Stage break

Howard Estate
big boy break all the walls combo here


Extra combos are juggles that are:

  • Strictly worse than one of the ยง Staples; or
  • Too inconsistent to be a staple; or
  • Joke combos for style points.

General Concepts

Yoshimitsu has many combo routes with different goals like wall carry, okizeme, and guaranteed damage. In addition, because No Sword Stance removes damage and weakens hitboxes on some attacks, and in compensation gives him NSS f+3+4 as a filler attack, the routes in No Sword Stance vary completely from One Sword Stance combos.

Wall Carry

Yoshimitsu has control over the wall carry he does have. He may not go wall-to-wall on most stages, but he can get a clean wall splat whenever the wall is reachable. He can interchange the following enders on any juggle: b+2,1; 3~4; d+2,2; d2>2>1[6].

If the ender is 4 hits into the juggle, he can interchange the following enders: All enders listed above; b+2,1+2~KIN b+2,1; b+2,1,1+2~KIN f+2

If KIN f+2 hits a high-wall splat, Yoshimitsu may convert into a normal wall combo. This requires precise wall distance for b+2,1 to high-splat and KIN f+2 to hit.


Yoshimitsu has strong mixup potential after a knockdown at the wall. Moves like f,n,d,D/F+1 and d+3 hit grounded, and FC d/f+1 (ws b+1) and u/b+1+2,2 hit an opponent standing up.

Yoshimitsu can make his KIN.3 and KIN.f1 -13 and -12 respectively by ending a juggle with 3 juggle hits with b+2,1,1+2~KIN, and timing the low to hit just after their tech roll invincibility ends with the last active frames. Yoshimitsu can potentially mix up an opponent with KIN.u+1+2 and KIN.f~n+2.

Yoshimitsu can refloat an opponent who doesn't tech roll after a screw attack with dash up iWS.4, for a mini-combo b+2,1,1+2~KIN.f+2 or b+2,1+2~KIN.b+2,1. The opponent can tech roll or hold back to avoid iWS.4, but the frame advantage is still in Yoshimitsu's favor.

Yoshimitsu can reset an opponent who tech rolls after a screw attack with dash up FC d/f+1. In the open most characters can avoid this by staying down or holding back.

Yoshimitsu can reset an opponent who holds back after a juggle with 3~4u which is a complete reset. Yoshimitsu can screw again with DGF.4 S! This can be avoided by tech rolling or staying down.

External links

  1. โ†‘ As-known-as the Granny Combo. Doesn't work off-axis.
  2. โ†‘ Moonsault Slayer guaranteed with sufficient delay.
  3. โ†‘ Or any wall carry ender
  4. โ†‘ 4.0 4.1 f,n,d,df+1 MUST be buffered.
  5. โ†‘ df+1 whiffs versus most females.
  6. โ†‘ Requires a fast, deep dash