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Notation is shorthand for game input. It's used extensively throughout both this wiki and the wider Tekken community.

  • For terms of art relating to Tekken, see Jargon.
  • For the meaning of values in movelists, see Movelist.
  • For frame advantages, which look like “+5” and “-13c”, see § Frame advantage.

Basic input

Notation Meaning
1 Left Punch
2 Right Punch
3 Left Kick
4 Right Kick
Notation Meaning
u Up
d Down
f Forward
b Backward
n Neutral (no direction)
U Up (Hold)
D Down (Hold)
F Forward (Hold)
B Backward (Hold)
Notation Meaning Example
/ Diagonal directional input u/f
+ Pressed together 1+2
# Pressed together on the same frame d/f#2
. [b 1][b 2]From stance FUFA.3
, [b 1]Followed by 1,2
~ Followed by, immediately 1~2
: Followed by, tight input window 1:2
< Followed by, with delayed input 1<2
* Held input 1*
_ Alternate input 1_2
Notation Meaning Example
CH Counter-hit CH 1,1 1,1, where the first hit is a counter hit
CL Clean hit CL 1,1 1,1, where the first hit is a clean hit
() Whiffed or blocked moves[b 3] (1,2),1 1,2,1, where the first two hits whiff or get blocked
(x?) Repeat string ? times 1,2,f~n(x3) 1,2,f~n repeated 3 times
[] Damage [16] 1,2 1,2, doing 16 damage in total
  1. 1.0 1.1 Should never have a space immediately after it.
  2. Optional for movement stances if there's no directional input to the move. If this is done, the stance is written in lowercase, e.g. “ws2” instead of “WS.2”, but not “wsb+1”.
  3. This is mostly important for counter hits: CH 1,2,1 means that the first hit is a counter hit, whereas CH (1,2),1 means that the last hit is.

Combo annotations

Notation Meaning
S! Screw (or Tailspin)
W! Wall splat or wall bounce
WB! Wall break
F! Floor break
BB! Balcony break
Notation Meaning Input (IronFist)
cc Crouch cancel u~n[c 1]
dash[c 2][c 3] Forward dash f,f
qcf Quarter-circle forward d,d/f,f dd/ff
qcb Quarter-circle back d,d/b,b dd/bb
hcf Half-circle forward b,d/b,d,d/f,f bd/bdd/ff
hcb Half-circle back f,d/f,d,d/b,b fd/fdd/bb
  1. f,f and b,b also work but are rarely useful since they can't be buffered
  2. Not written when obvious, e.g. after S!
  3. Just writing “f,f” is preferred since it's shorter anyway.


Generic stances
R Rage
WR While running[s 1]
WS While standing
FC Full crouch
BT Back turned
SS Sidestep
SSL Sidestep left
SSR Sidestep right
FUFT Face up, feet towards
FUFA Face up, feet away
FDFT Face down, feet towards
FDFA Face down, feet away

Stances in this context are anything that gives access to new moves. In particular, while things like Rage, Meter, and Starburst might not be considered stances, they are notated as if they were.

In addition, strings that loop (e.g. Ganryu's d+2,2,2...) are notated like they're a stance.

For short movement stances (e.g. f~n) without any transitions, it's usually preferable to just write the full input.

Character-specific stances
Character Abbreviation Meaning Input[s 2]
Akuma EX Requires and consumes 1 bar of meter (resource)
Akuma Super Requires and consumes 2 bars of meter (resource)
Alisa CLK Clockwork ws3
Alisa DES Destructive Stance d+1+2
Alisa DBT Dual Boot DES.f+3+4
Alisa SBT Boot f+3+4
Claudio STB Requires and consumes Starburst (resource)
Eliza EX Requires and consumes 1 bar of meter (resource)
Eliza Super Requires and consumes 2 bars of meter (resource)
Geese EX Requires and consumes 1 bar of meter (resource)
Geese Super Requires and consumes 2 bars of meter (resource)
Geese MAX MAX Mode EX.1+2+3
Lee HMS Hitman Stance 3+4
Lee INF Infinite Kicks (string)
Lee MS Mist Step f~n
Lee Sway Sway MS.b~n
Lei SNA Snake 3+4[s 3]
Lei DGN Dragon 3+4,1
Lei PAN Panther 3+4,2
Lei TGR Tiger 3+4,3
Lei CRA Crane 3+4,4
Lei PHX Phoenix Illusion b+1+4
Lei DRU Drunken Master f+3+4
Lei sSNA[s 4] Sitting Snake d/b+1
Lei f,n [s 5] Rush Step f,n
Lei KND Knockdown (Play Dead in-game Disambiguation) d+3+4
Lei PLD Play Dead (Play Dead in-game) d+2+3
Lei FCD Face Down (Sidewind in-game) d+1+2
Lei SLD Slide (Sidewind in-game) d+1+4
Lidia CFO Cat Foot Stance I f+3+4
Lidia CFT Cat Foot Stance II b+3+4
Lidia HAE Heaven and Earth CFO.n,f
Lidia TAW Pouncing Tiger, Stalking Wolf CFT.n,f
Zafina SCR Scarecrow 3+4
Zafina MNT Mantis [s 6] d+3+4
Zafina TRT Tarantula d+1+2
  1. Entered by f,f,f
  2. The simplest way to enter to the stance, usually without an attack.
  3. Snake, Dragon, Panther, Tiger and Crane stances (5 gate animals) have lots of ways to enter the stances, specifically some players prefer to explain them through the Razor Rush cycle.
  4. Some players prefer Coiled Snake, or cSNA as an alternative title.
  5. Rush Step is technically a stance, but no one abbreviates it, nevertheless, Razor Rush is commonly seen abbreviated as RR as in RR 3 for the low kick in the end, RR 4 for the mid kick in the end, RR <stance> for a specific transition after a certain amount of hits ~~~This needs improving~~~.
  6. MNT 2+3 puts Zafina into BT MNT and out of it (the move is named Paradox in-game), it does not differ enough to be listed, no new moves, no specific abbreviation.


Some moves can only be done under certain conditions. In these cases, the notation for that move's “input” includes some non-input representing that condition.

Notation Meaning Example
p Successful parry b+1+2,p,4

Held motion inputs

Motion inputs must specify when the final directional input is a hold. This clarifies that the attack input can't be pressed on the same frame. It also often indicates that the input can't be fully buffered.

Character Move Explanation
Bryan f,b+2 The b and 2 can be pressed on the same frame, will still work if b is pressed earlier
Heihachi f,F+2 The second F must be pressed and held at least one frame before the 2
Heihachi d,d/f,f+2 The f and 2 can be pressed on the same frame, will still work if f is pressed earlier
Lee d,D/B+4 The D/B must be pressed and held at least one frame before the 4

Other notation styles

Two different notable notation styles are Iron Fist (also known as official or in-game notation) and numpad (also known as anime notation). Numpad style is so-named because the directional inputs are based on their position on a numpad.

Wavu Wiki Iron Fist Numpad
1 1 LP
2 2 RP
3 3 LK
4 4 RK
1+2 1+2 LP+RP
1+2+3 1+2+3 LP+RP+LK
1+2+3+4 1+2+3+4 LP+RP+LK+RK
Wavu Wiki Iron Fist Numpad
u u 8
d d 2
f f 6
b b 4
n n 5
u/f u/f 9
d/f d/f 3
d/b d/b 1
u/b u/b 7
Wavu Wiki Iron Fist Numpad
U U 8*
D D 2*
F F 6*
B B 4*
U/F U/F 9*
D/F D/F 3*
D/B D/B 1*
U/B U/B 7*
Wavu Wiki Iron Fist Numpad
1~2 [12] LP~RP
u/f+4 f,F+3 u/f4>fF3 9RK,66*LK
d,D/B+4 3~3:4 dD/B4>[33]:4 21*RK,LK~LK:RK

Numpad style is more common in South Korea and Japan. In Japan, LP+RP and LK+RK are often shortened to WP and WK respectively.

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