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King is a unique grapple-based character with extremely powerful oki setups, crowd-pleasing comeback factor, an excellent counterhit & punishment game, and solid mid pokes to complement his grabs.

He's also one of the few characters to have an unreactable throw mixup. King can be slightly unwieldy with his overall linearity and below average sidestep, as well as stubby range on some of his pokes. However, he more than makes up for it in versatility and raw power. Similarly, while his lows are weak, his grabs fill the role nicely.

Notable moves include DF2, a very strong i13 mid counterhit tool. His i14 DF1 which gets better frames when well-spaced. His deceptive i10 throw Giant Swing. His FF1, a mid homing CH launcher with miles of range and days of + frames when it connects. Only -5 on block, too.

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