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Key techniques (none)
  • CFO (Cat Foot One) – f+3+4
  • HAE (Heaven and Earth) – CFO.n,f
  • CFT (Cat Foot Two) – b+3+4
  • TAW (Tiger and Wolf) – CFT.n,f
  • VAC – CFT.n,b or CFO.n,b
Fastest launch
  • i15 – u+4
  • i13(~14) – R.f,F+2+4
Fastest CH launch i13 – 4,1 (high)
Fastest wall splat
  • i12 – f+2,4 (standing)
  • i12 – FC.d/f+2 (crouching)
Parry b+1+3 (high or mid punches)
  • d/b+3+4 (lows)
  • d/f+1+2 (right punches)
  • b+1+4 (high or mid punches)
Archetypal moves
Mid check
  • d/f+1 (standing)
  • ws4 (crouching)
Hopkick u+4
Stature kick d/b+4
Power low
  • d/b+3,2
  • CFT.4
  • TAW.4
Generic moves
Remapped d+1 → d/b+1
Missing (none)
External links
Lore Lidia Sobieska
Discord [1]

Lidia is a mixup heavy character who enforces her threats with a wide variety of fast pokes.

Her stances Cat Foot One (CFO) and Cat Foot Two (CFT) each have forced transitions after hitting a number of key moves, and each have a second form with a more powerful mixup. She is unable to guard from any of the stances, making attacking the main option.

The nature of her stances suggests a forced all-in offensive playstyle. However, she is also able to take a patient, poking approach, having one of the best jabs in the game.

She can have trouble dealing with pressure, since her fastest counter hit launcher is i13 and must commit to punishable extensions to lead to a combo, and she lacks evasive panic moves. So rather than relieving pressure with a big payoff, her main defensive option is relying on her exceptional jab and other generic tools.

She is notorious for having a mid/high extension on almost all of her key pokes and for the high extensions often being difficult to punish effectively. Her f,F+2 can also be spammed to great effect against players unable to sidestep it.

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