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  • Azazel moves cost no health
  • SCR.df+1, TRT.df+1 and MNT.df+1 become Power Crushes.
Heat Smash High, i12, +3
Heat Engagers
  • f+1+2
  • df+4,1
  • SCR.2,1
  • TRT.df+1
  • MNT.df+1
  • Scarecrow (3+4 SCR)
  • Mantis (d+3+4 MNT)
  • Tarantula (d+1+2 TRT)
  • i16 – df+2 (standing)
  • i15 – ws1,2 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i16 – 1+2
  • i13 – MNT 2
Wall splat i13 – df+1,4 (standing)
Archetypal moves
Parry i6 – b+1+3 or b+2+4 (power crush parry)
Mid check
  • i13 – df+1 (standing)
  • i13 – SCR 3
  • i13 – MNT 2
  • i14 – TRT 3
  • i11 – ws4 (crouching)
Hopkick u/f+4
Snake edge
  • db+1+2
  • SCR df+3,3
Shadow cutter d+3
Generic moves
Remapped d+1 → db+1
  • 4
  • d+2
  • d+4/d+3
  • Slide (non-generic)
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Zafina (Tekken 7).

Zafina is a stance-based character with strong movement and far reaching moves. Zafina has a lot of space for stylish play with some tricky moves and stance transitions while still being able to be played in a solid, fundamental way thanks to her backdash and spacing options.

Zafina's strong movement and far-reaching moves such as f,f+4 give her excellent spacing, and her stance transitions such as WR 1+2 and ws3 are effective ways to start her stance pressure, which can be devastating if the opponent lacks matchup knowledge. However, she pays for it with long and telling recovery on whiffs, and generally slow start-ups (her df+2 is 16f, uf+4 is 18f). Her damage output is below average, and she often has to choose between using Azazel moves in combos, which consume health, or giving up on extra damage.

She has many evasive lows that shift her hurtboxes, allowing her to evade even mids sometimes, similar to Lili's Matterhorn and Xiaoyu's Art of Phoenix stance.

  • Many evasive options
  • Good backdash that can escape even some strings
  • Strong keepout
  • Good stance pressure and mixups
  • Slow, commital moves, easy to whiff punish
  • Subpar punish options
  • Below average damage without Azazel moves, which consume health
b+1:1+2 combo ender

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