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  • Feint & Catch and Ambush Tackle become unbreakable.
  • Can perform Ambush Tackle after additional moves.
Heat Smash Mid, i15, +6
Heat Engagers
  • 1,2,1
  • f+3,1+2
  • b+4,3
  • SNK.4
  • d+1+3
  • db+3,1+2
  • SNK (Sneak) – qcf
  • i15 – df+2
CH launch
  • i15 – wr2 (mid)
  • i20 – ub+2 (high)
Wall splat
  • i14 – b+4,3 (standing)
  • i12 – ws1,3 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
  • b+1+3 (high or mid attacks)
  • db+1+2 (low attacks)
Sabaki b+3+4
Mid check
  • df+1 (standing)
  • df+4 (standing)
  • b+4 (standing)
  • b+2 (standing)
  • ws4 (crouching)
Power low db+3+4
Snake edge db+3
Clef cannon 1,2,1
Slash kick wr2
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+4 → db+4
Missing d+2
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Lore Sergei Dragunov
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Discord Sergey 🇷🇺 Dragunov

This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Dragunov (Tekken 7).

"Just like the cold winds of Siberia, Dragunov excels at freezing opponents in place with his potent lockdown tools—chief among them the notorious Russian Hook Special (f,f,F+2 AKA wr2), a powerful mid that not only nets great advantage when blocked—alongside chip damage—but also grants a full launch on counterhit. At close range, Blizzard Hammer (b+1+2) is another strong lockdown tool. It's less rewarding on counterhit, but gives more damage on normal hit thanks to the guaranteed follow-up (d+3+4). Ignition Switch (SNK.4) is a very advantageous mid heat engager and one of the main threats from his Sneak stance.

To compensate for these moves' linearity, Stinger Kick (f,F+3) takes center stage as a commanding, homing high. This has great range and deals a lot of chip damage to boot. Bunker Buster Elbow (d+1) comes as a significantly faster check and rocks deceptively good range. This always grants advantage—either on hit or block—and forces the opponent in a crouch state limiting their retaliation and frustrating them to play into Dragunov's many follow-up traps such as Salvo (1,2,1), a fast jab string that's fully guaranteed on counterhit, and Tundra Slash (b+4,3) as a powerful mid check.

Once the opponent is frozen in place, Dragunov has access to a flurry of quick pokes such as One Two (2,1) with its newfound transition (df) to Sneak allowing for more complex mixup scenarios. Both the generic Side Kick (df+4) and Switchblade Ripper (df+1,4) are his go-to mid checks—the latter being blessed with a highly delayable last hit that gives a full launch on counterhit making it incredibly risky to contest in any way besides ducking.

Razer (d+2) is Dragunov's premium low poke boasting great evasion, good tracking, and solid damage. It leaves Dragunov in a crouch state which is particularly oppressive if it manages to land on counterhit pressing the opponent into an extremely precarious spot opening them up to Gelid Smash (ws4). Deadly Scorpion (db+3+4) is a heavy-hitting power low that serves as a high risk, high reward option to open up overly defensive opponents.

When it comes to effective reach, Dragunov boasts an incredible arsenal of long-range checks and punishes such as Stun Gun (f+2,4) with its timing-based counterhit trap, Cocked Hammer (SNK.1) and Scabbard (f+1+2) used to punish big mistakes for fittingly big damage, and space-control tools like the homing Serrated Edge (b+3) or the ever reliable Step In (f+3) that can go into Sneak to seamlessly close in on the opponent."

- That Blasted Salami. "Tekken 8 - Sergei Dragunov Overview & Changes (4K)" YouTube, 16 March 2024.

Dragunov benefits heavily from Tekken 8's easy instant while running input which allows him to reliably apply wr2 pressure at any range.

Dragunov has a complete throw game, and his combos boast exceptionally high damage both in the air and on the wall as well as strong wall carry.

  • Chilling Mids: Drag has many excellent and advantageous mids, including qcf+4, b+1+2 and wr2. The latter is an absolutely exceptional move in almost every way: a fast mid that's plus on block, has good range, damage, deals chip on block, and even launches on counter hit. So long as his mids connect, Dragunov benefits in some way.
  • Big Reward: Drag's average damage is significantly beyond most of the cast. He also gets fantastic corner carry and has many solid wall strings for ending combos. This makes his punish game just as strong as his pressure.
  • Long Limbs: Due to his lanky arms and legs, Dragunov can effectively play keepout or chip away at his opponents with pokes.
  • Cold Clutches: Drag has a full throw game, including the unique Ambush Tackle that becomes an unseeable guessing game if he lands it in Heat.
  • Please Sit Still: Drag's best pressure often relies on the opponent respecting his plus frames, which are generally quite slow or linear. This makes him susceptible to those that frequently respond to his options appropriately with movement or buttons, and he's somewhat lacking in rewarding counter hits and tracking moves that could be used to better counter this strategy.
  • Lacking Lows: Most of Drag's offensive potential is loaded into his mids and throws. His lows have little advantage on hit, lacking a good power low, giving opponents that can throw break little reason to crouch block against him.

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