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  • Libertador Revolución can be used. (f+3+4), (3,2,F)
  • Nuevo Libertador can be used. (b+2,F), (b+1,1,2,F), (LIB.1,2,F)
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Libertador (f+3+4)
Heat Smash Mid, i15~16, +6~-7
Heat Engagers
  • f+4,4
  • f+1+2
  • b+3
  • LIB.2
  • d+1+3
  • d+2+4
  • LIB (Libertador) – f3+4
  • BT (Backturn) – b3+4
  • i15 – df+2 (standing)
  • i15 – ws2 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i15 – 1+2 (high)
  • i17 – df+3 (mid, standing)
  • i13 – ws1 (mid, crouching)
  • i14 – BT.1+2 (mid)
  • i15 – LIB.4,1 (mid, high)
Wall splat
  • i10 – 1,2 (standing)
Archetypal moves
Sabaki uf+1 (high & mid punches)
Mid check
  • df+1,4 (Standing)
  • df+3 (Standing)
  • ws1 (Crouching)
  • ws4 (Crouching)
Slash kick wr3,2
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+2 → db+2
Missing (none)
External links
Lore Azucena Ortiz
Twitter #T8_Azucena
Discord Azucena's Coffee House

Azucena is a versatile character who can approach a multitude of different situations through stance pressure and powerful punishment tools.

Azucena has decent poking tools. For basic pressure, she can bully the opponent with Grande Combo (d/f+1,4,1). d/f+1,4 in particular is a safe, jailing, mid high sequence that's plus on hit and can also transition into back turn, that being said, Azucena's strengths purely lie in her counter hits, punishers and stance game.

With a good sense of timing, Boomerang Scythe (1+2) has you covered as a safe high counter-hit launcher that crushes other high attacks in a flash whilst Rodilla Shot (df+3) and Hand Drip Hammer (d+1) serve as slower mid alternatives.

Azucena is also equipped with amazing whiff punishers. Sumatra Back Knuckle (f+3,2) is an notable option, with Luna Llena (f,F+3) being a great launcher for any coffee extraordinaire that is prepared, but your go-to whiff punisher will be Aero Press Pegar (f+1+2), a power-crushing, long-reaching, heat-engager punch that puts her back on the offense, even after blocking moves with a lot of pushback like Paul's Deathfist.

Libertador (f+3+4) is Azucena's signature stance that not only automatically dodges highs and lows, but is reinforced with very strong options. Golpe Cappuccino (LIB.2) is the gold standard of stance mids. It's safe, wall-splatting and can be used to trap almost anything your opponent throws out when used after High Mountain Combo (1,1). If you want to add a pinch of risk, Blend Cortar (LIB.d+4,4), is Azucena's hellsweep that does a generous amount of damage; pair that with Rana Barista (LIB.1+2), her go-to powerful mid launcher, and the coffee enthusiast has a explosive 50/50 at any given moment.

When Backturned, Azucena has several different options such as Hide Turn (BT.b+3+4), Runaway (BT.b+1+2) and Foo Fighter (BT.3+4), that allow her to evade highs, mids and lows respectively. And for those that want to keep up the pressure, Golpe Affogato (BT.1+2) is an excellent back turned counter-hit launcher that can be used as a frame trap from a number of of back turned transitions and Calf Reaper (BT.3) has a lot of utility behind it, granting her a stylish but practical combo route for off-axis and back turned opponents.

If you enjoy keeping your opponent in the “Perfect Blend” with stance mixups, and tricky evasion options, then the self-proclaimed Peruvian coffee queen is the character for you!

Note (post patch 1.04): Azucena received big gameplay changes in May 2024 to reduce her offence out of stance. Older Azucena guides may give incorrect advice about her playstyle and certain moves (examples: df1,4,1; wr3,2; 2,1).

  • Ease Of Use: Azucena is very friendly to newcomers of Tekken due to her simplistic game plan.
  • Strong Stance Mixups: Libertador is very powerful, easy to understand and is equipped for all situations. From it's hard hitting hellsweep (LIB.d+4,4) and launcher (LIB.1+2), to it’s fast, safe heat engager (LIB.2) and power crush (LIB.3+4) there's nothing this stance can't handle.
  • Amazing Standing Punishment: Arguably the best in the game, strong 10F punisher (1,2) that wall splats, backturn options (df+1,4,B or 1,2,B) and an easy punisher for moves like Deathfist (f+1+2), there's nothing that she cannot punish.
  • Weak Crouching Punishment: Her go-to punisher is her ws4,1 at 11F’s and her ws2 at 15F’s. Her other while standing options are better applied with her offense.
  • Risky Whiff Punishment: A lot of her go-to whiff punishers are duckable, which can lead to Azucena being badly punished herself if misused.
  • Lack of Suffocating Offense: As of Patch 1.04, Azucena's key pressure tools are now worse on hit (2,1) and on block (wr3,2). This makes Azucena more reliant on slower options (b+3) or her stance entries (f,F+3+4 on block or df+1,4,B on hit) for plus frames.
  • Linear: In addition to having fewer plus frames, her key poking tools have had their tracking either reduced (df+1,4) or completely removed (2,1). These changes enable the Defender to sidewalk Azucena's previously relentless offense even after being hit.
Stance mixups