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  • Libertador Revolución can be used. (f+3+4), (3,2,F)
  • Nuevo Libertador can be used. (b+2,F), (b+1,1,2,F), (LIB.1,2,F)
  • Allows the use of the powered up version of Libertador (f+3+4)
Heat Smash Mid, i15~16, +6~-7
Heat Engagers
  • f4,4
  • f1+2
  • b+3
  • LIB.2
  • d1+3
  • d2+4
  • LIB (Libertador) – f3+4
  • BT (Backturn) – b3+4
  • i15 – df+2 (standing)
  • i16 – f,F+3 (hard) (standing)
  • i24 – uf+4 (standing)
  • i15 – ws2 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i15 – 1+2 (high)
  • i17 – df+3 (mid)
Wall splat
  • i10 – 1,2 (standing)
  • i14 – 3,3 (standing)
Archetypal moves
Sabaki uf+1 (high & mid punches)
Mid check
  • df+1,4 (Standing)
  • df+3 (Standing)
  • ws1 (Crouching)
  • ws4 (Crouching)
Slash kick wr3,2
Generic moves
  • d+1 → db+1
  • d+2 → db+2
Missing (none)
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Lore Azucena Ortiz
Twitter #T8_Azucena
Discord Azucena's Coffee House

Azucena is a very versatile character who can approach a multitude of different situations through relentless pressure, pure trickery, or anything in between.

Azucena has amazing offensive tools. For pressure, Espresso Agresión (WR3,2) will be your main option to get up and close with your opponent. There you can bully the opponent with Grande Combo (d/f+1,4,1). d/f+1,4 in particular is a safe, jailing, mid high sequence that's plus on hit and core to her aggression. When the opponent gets agitated, Boomerang Scythe (1+2) has you covered as a safe counter-hit launcher that crushes high attacks in a flash.

Azucena is also equipped with amazing whiff punishers. Sumatra Back Knuckle (f+3,2) is an notable option, with Luna Llena (f,F+3) being a great launcher for any coffee extraordinaire that is prepared, but your go-to whiff punisher will be Aero Press Pegar (f+1+2), a power-crushing, long-reaching, heat-engager punch that puts her back on the offense, even after blocking moves with a lot of pushback like Paul's Deathfist.

Libertador (f+3+4) is Azucena's signature stance that not only automatically dodges highs and lows, but is paired with very strong options like Blend Cortar (LIB.d+4,4), a hellsweep that does a generous amount of damage or Golpe Affogato (LIB.1+2), a powerful mid launcher that high crushes.

Even when Backturned, Azucena has several different options such as Foo Fighter (BT.3+4), Hide Turn (BT.b+3+4) and Runaway (BT.b+1+2) that allow her to evade lows, highs and mids respectively.

If you enjoy keeping your opponent in the “Perfect Blend” with suffocating offense options, and tricky evasion options, then the self-proclaimed Peruvian coffee queen is the character for you!

  • Ease Of Use: Azucena is very friendly to newcomers of Tekken due to her simplistic game plan.
  • Suffocating Offense: Thanks to her amazing slash kick (wr3,2), a strong selection of heat engagers and her general trickiness, she's a constant force to be reckoned with.
  • Strong Stance Mixups: Libertador is very powerful, easy to understand and is equipped for all situations. From it's hard hitting hellsweep (LIB.d+4,4) and launcher (LIB.1+2), to it’s fast, safe heat engager (LIB.2) and power crush (LIB.3+4) there's nothing this stance can't handle.
  • Amazing Standing Punishment: Arguably the best in the game, strong 10F punisher (1,2) that wall splats, backturn options (4,1 or 1,2,B) and an easy punisher for moves like Deathfist (f+1+2), standing moves can be punished heavily by Azucena.
  • Weak Crouching Punishment: Her go-to punisher is her ws4,1 at 11F’s and her ws2 at 15F’s. Her other while standing options are better applied with her offense.
  • Risky Whiff Punishment: A lot of her go-to whiff punishers are duckable, which can lead to Azucena being badly punished herself if misused.
Instant WR

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