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Heat RFS.f+4,4 and RFS.d+4,3,4 become natural combos.
Heat Smash Mid – i17~18 – +11 – Possible in LFF/RFF/LFS – Shifts to RFS
Heat Engagers
  • df+3+4
  • f,F+4
  • RFF.df+3
  • LFS.f+3
  • RFS.b+3
  • LFF (Left Foot Forward)
  • RFF (Right Foot Forward) – 3+4
  • LFS (Left Flamingo Stance) – f+3
  • RFS (Right Flamingo Stance) – f,n,4
  • BT (Backturn Stance) – 1+2
  • CD (Shark Step) – f,n,d,df
  • i15 – df+2 (standing)
  • i16 – b+3 (standing)
  • i18 – JFSR (standing)
  • i20 – u+3 (standing)
  • i25 – u+3+4 (standing)
  • i15 – ws.2,3 (crouching)
CH launch
  • i13 – b+4 (high)
  • i13 – RFF.b+3 (high)
  • i19 – d+4,4 (low-high)
  • i18 – SS.3,3 (mid-high)
  • i19 – SS.4 (low)
  • i8 – RFS.f+4,4 (high-high)
  • i17 – RFS.df+4 (mid)
  • i18 – BT.d+3 (low)
Wall splat
  • i15 – df+2 (standing)
  • i15 – ws.2,3 (crouching)
Archetypal moves
Parry b+1+3/b+2+4 (high or mid punches)
Mid check
  • df+1 (standing)
  • f+2 (standing)
  • JFSR (standing)
  • ws.4,4 (crouching)
Stature kick
  • db+4,F
  • SS.4
  • RFF.d3+4
  • LFS.d+4
Power low RFS.d+4,3,4
Generic moves
Remapped (none)
  • d+4
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Hwoarang (Tekken 7).

Hwoarang is a heavy-hitting rush down character, using strong plus frames and multitude of stances to force opponents into a torrent of snap defensive decisions - many of them granting Hwoarang huge damage potential.

While infamous at lower levels of play due to being an absolute blender of stance attacks, Hwoarang requires high levels of execution and a more measured approach to pressure at high level due to his best sources of plus frames often requiring highs or lows.

  • Highly Dynamic Pressure: Multilayered mix from his multiple stances means that Hwoarang is a veritable blender on offense. Hwo's stance transitions often leave him fairly plus, making him extremely difficult to contest with jabs.
  • Neutral Bully: Hwoarang has many armored moves and even some armored strings, allowing him to belligerently kick through neutral. His Just Frame Sky Rocket is also excellent and leads to huge damage.
  • Great Strings: Hwoarang has many strong jabs which lead into his stance pressure. Hwoarang becomes very strong in Heat, as these excellent jabs allow him to build tons of white damage.
  • Scrub Killer: Hwoarang is extremely good at defeating lower rank players thanks to his strong button-based pressure.
  • Complex: Hwoarang is constantly shifting between four different stances, making him difficult to learn.
  • High Roller: Hworang has to take huge risk to continue his pressure and often has to make specific callouts to continue it where other characters can disengage safely.
    • Lacking High Crush: Hwoarang has relatively poor crush properties on his moves, particularly when it comes to high crush.
    • Duckable: Many key tools are highs, meaning his stance pressure runs the risk of being crushed.
  • High Execution: Many of Hwoarang's tools are multifaceted and demand a strong understanding of his moveset. As well, Hworang has some unique execution demands like Just Frame Skyrocket and his wave dash.
JFSR (f,n,df#4)

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