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If there is one thing players can agree about Hwoarang, it's that he is not for the faint of heart, literally. Boasting a humongous 100+ movelist, numerous stances, lack of reliable defensive tools, having matchups only ranging from even to bad, and a steep learning curve. This puts players who want to learn Hwoarang in a peculiar situation. Thankfully, his frame data is rather exemplary as most of his moves leave him in frame advantage or at a slight disadvantage. Allowing the taekwondo extraordinaire to easily pressure opponents with his mixups at close range and simply stay there.

Hwoarang’s gameplan is centered on a constant flurry of strings which chips at the opponent's lifebar; robbing them of their turn as they are forced to react to the next mixup over and over again. Combining this with one of the strongest and consistent combo damage outputs both in open and with wall this makes this Talon one tough matchup to deal with.



  • A walking gatling gun due to the endless mixup routes he can create
  • Solid throw game (QCB+3, 2+4, DB1+3, F2+3, B2+4, RFF 1+3/2+4)
  • Powercrush King with the highest rewards (Backlash plus frames and launch Capability, FLA PCs aren't launch punishable at -12 to most of the cast, DF3,F tanks hits in exchange for Hwoarang's turn.)
  • Amazing Rage capabilities (Safe Mid Rage Art accessed from Flamingo Stance LFS & RFS D3+4, His rage drive D3+4,4 has meaty plus frame advantage, post combo spike,and launch abilities, and the 2nd rage drive UF3,4,3+4 is perfect for combos and more damage.)
  • Powerful/flexible Combos both in open and with walls (Great wall carry)
  • Superb wall pressure and okizeme game
  • Decent punishment (UB+3,3 from crouching at i16 is a big bonus


  • Not the safest character in the game; forced to take risks
  • Slight execution difficulty (Mostly in combos)
  • No reliable defensive/panic option when being pressured (B+1 is -14 and isn’t reliable in most situations, U3+4 is a slow high crushing option which can be Floated with an inconsistent hitbox.)
  • Moves have weak tracking; easy to sidestep against
  • Inability to guard/cancel in both Left and Right Flamingo Stances
  • Most moves with high plus frames are only accessible from stances
  • Zero elbow and knee moves, only one heel move (Weak to reversals & parries)

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