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  • Can use Guerreiro Explosivo (H.3+4)
  • Can use Rabo de Arraia Liberado (H.qcf+4)
Heat Smash
  • H.2+3 – i18~19 – m
Heat Engagers
  • 4,4 – i13~14 – m,m
  • f+3+4 – i19~21 – m
  • b+3+4 – i20~21 – h
  • RLX.4,3 – i15~16 – ,m
  • d+1+3 – i12~13 – th(m)
  • HSP (Bananeira) – f+1+2
  • RLX (Negativa) – d+3+4
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This page is for Tekken 8. For Tekken 7, see Eddy (Tekken 7).

  • Mixups: Immediately threatening with just basic knowledge of stances, with pressure and 50/50's built in, and a variety of options to navigate between them as you improve.
  • Evasiveness: Eddy is constantly moving, always shifting his hitboxes, and finding oppressive timings and angles to approach. RLX and sidestep HSP entry can handle with ease many situations that might blow up other characters.
  • As Complicated as You Want: With deadly mixups, easy transitions, and long-range punishes, Eddy has a lot to offer, but the learning curve starts firmly at zero.
  • Confusing: Not just to your opponent, but to you. Though it seems easy to mash buttons on him at first, a lot of awareness is required to get the most out of Eddy. You may find situations that other characters with simpler pickups chew through, and you'll struggle due to some of Eddy's combos being highly specific. Being comfortable navigating stances and situations quickly and knowing the best options as part of the flow of your offense can also be a challenge.
  • Knowledge is Power: Many of Eddy's strengths lie in the opponent not knowing how to deal with his many sequences. Against an opponent who knows the matchup, the character is notably weaker and can only rely on what few opportunities he may get for guaranteed mix.
Stance Navigation

Stance Flow

Navigate Eddy's Stance Flow! If a move in a stance is not listed, it just goes back to standing.
Starting Stance Move Context Final Stance On Block
Standing f+1+2 Basic Entry HSP
Standing b+1+2 Basic Entry HSP
Standing d+3+4 Basic Entry RLX
Standing H.2+3 In Heat, On Block RLX +6
Standing H.3+4 In Heat, On Block HSP +9
Standing H.qcf+4 RLX +9
Standing 1,2~F i10 Punish HSP -8
Standing 1,3 i10 Punish RLX -14
Standing 2,3 i12 Punish HSP -8
Standing 3,3 i14~15, Combos on 1st CH HSP -3
Standing f+3,4~F Hold F to go HSP HSP -17 (-11 without transition)
Standing f+4 HSP -13
Standing f+4,3+4 RLX -24
Standing d+2,3 RLX -4
Standing b+1,4 HSP -8
Standing b+1,4,3+4 RLX -24
Standing b+3,3 CH Launcher RLX -14
Standing b+4,4~F HSP -9
Standing u+4~3 On Hit RLX -14
Standing uf+3~F HSP -14 (-10 without transition)
Standing uf+4 On Hit RLX -9
Standing f,F+3 On Hit RLX -13
Standing f,F+4 HSP -12
Standing f,F+3+4~n~F HSP (+3 without transtion)
Standing f,f,F+3 On Block HSP +8
Crouching FC.df+3 CH Launcher RLX +6
Crouching FC.df+4 HSP -21
Crouching ws1,3 Combos from 1st Hit RLX -14
Crouching ws4,4,4,F Hold F to go HSP HSP -9 without transition
Crouching ws3+4 RLX -9
Standing SS.3 Holding D cancels into RLX RLX +0
HSP HSP.n,f Moves you forward in HSP HSP
HSP HSP.n,d Basic transition to RLX RLX
HSP HSP.2,3~F Rare, as 2,3 gives MD+1 and F Cancels. Also works with MD1 or MD2 HSP Beyond -17, but Airborn
HSP HSP.3,3,3 RLX -5
HSP HSP.4 Quickest Poke HSP -3
HSP 2+4 Unbreakable Throw RLX
HSP MD1 OR MD2.HSP.b+4,D Holding D transitions into RLX Example Example
RLX RLX.n,f Moves you forward in RLX RLX
RLX RLX.n,d Basic transition to HSP HSP
RLX RLX.1 Holding D transitions into FC Standing -11
RLX RLX.1,3 Combos on 1st CH RLX -14
RLX RLX.2,4~D Holding D stays in RLX RLX -5
RLX RLX.3 Crouching -26
Standing b,ub Movement into RLX RLX

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